Keaton imagine for Nicole

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You and your boyfriend Keaton were celebrating your two month anniversary. He decided to take you out for a picnic.

It was a surprise. He wouldn't tell you where you were going.

It was a simple date. You wore a cute sun dress.

You arrived at the beach and it was beautiful. It wasn't too hot or too cold, and the breeze was perfect.

"Do you like it?" Keats asked.

"I love it." You smiled. He smiled wide as you walked hand in hand along the beach.

You reached a good spot and set down the blanket and sat.

Talking about nothing an everything. You subtly giggle at the silliest comments. You blush about a million times at the slight compliments he hints at.

"You look cattastic." He says. You laugh at his corniness.

"Why thank you good sir."

You finish eating and play in the water a bit. Splashing each other with every chance you get.

He picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. He starts running.

"Keaton, put me down!" You laugh.

"Put you down? Okay."

"No-" you start but are unable to finish as you emerge into the sea. You raise your head above the water and look at your boyfriend. He's laughing.

You smirk and swim towards him, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the water with you.

"Payback's a bitch." You grin.

"Oh is it?" He smirks and moves closer.


He leans forward and places a gentle kiss to your lips as the sun sets on the horizon.

"Perfect end to a perfect night. With the perfect girl." He says.

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