Wes imagine #1

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" Hey babe, how ya feelin' ?" Wes asks while walking into your shared bedroom.

" Not too good, my period hit today and it sucks!" You say, almost in tears.

" Awe baby! What can I do to help?" Wes asks with that adorable puppy dog face.

"Come cuddle with me..." You say with open arms.

He does as you ask and softly starts to sing ' Baby I Love Your Way '

" I'm sorry I can't take your pain away.." He says while staring into your eyes.

" It's ok. At least we know I'm NOT pregnant!" You say with a chuckle.

"Not yet anyway......" He says with a wink.

You look up at him and say " You'd really want me to have your kid?" with a smile.

" Kid? NO. I think you mean KIDS." He happily admits.

" Awe baby, I love you." You say while giving him a light kiss.

" ( Y/N) I love you too! More than you will ever know." That was all you heard before you drifted off into a nice sleep.

Hope you enjoy (:

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