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Wes Imagine for Brandy

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You and your boyfriend Wesley had been arguing constantly. You knew it was just because you both were frustrated and were taking it out on each other, but nothing compared to this day.

" BRANDY ALL IM SAYING IS THAT YOU CANT JUST FUCKING ACCUSE ME OF CHEATING! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT , MAYBE I WILL GO CHEAT ON YOU WITH CARLY " you knew he was speaking out of anger but Carly was so pretty and he knew the Emblems would always like her better.

" Ugh ! " was all you said as the tears came spilling from your eyes ruining your makeup even more.

You ran upstairs to the bedroom that you and Wes shared and locked the door wanting nothing to do with him, at all.

" Baby, open the door please? You know I didn't mean what I said .. It's just you were screaming, and I was yelling and what I said to you was totally uncalled for and I'm so fucking sorry babe. Carly means nothing to me, you're the one I want to spend my entire life with. " He was speaking so sincere .

You'd decided not to open the door though and just go to bed and maybe work things out in the morning, so that meant Wes would be on the couch tonight.

At around 2 a.m, you got sick of feeling no one next to you and you just felt like crying and having Wes' presence around you.

As you walk downstairs to the living room you see Wes sprawled out watching tv with a blank expression .

You sniffled, clearly trying to hold in your tears.

"Baby ? It's late, what're you still doing up? " he asks while sitting up and walking over to you.

" Wes I- I'm SORRY I just I missed you and you weren't ever home I fuckin need you please just hold me ." Your uncontrollable sobs escaped .

Wes picked you up and brought you to the bedroom and laid you down,

" babe shhh, it's my fault I was the douche . " he said looking down obviously ashamed in himself .

I reassured him that it was okay and pretty soon we were doing alright!

" Brandy, you're wearing my shirt , " he says with a smirk on his face .

" Wes we've been dating for 3 years . I wear your shirts every night . Go to bed , I love you "

" I love you too babe " he gives you a passionate kiss and you guys were finally done arguing


- Rachèlé

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