Keaton Imagine for Annie

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You're at an Emblem3 concert by yourself. You were the last one into the stage room but you somehow managed to push your way to the front of the crowd.

The lights go down and the band starts playing. Suddenly, Drew walks on stage eating an apple. You laugh at his cuteness.

Next, Wesley comes out, running straight to the edge of the stage, greeting the crowd.

Finally, Keaton, your favorite, walks through the doors, using his swag walk. You scream and laugh.

Half way through the show, Keaton has come over to your side of the stage multiple times. Each time he smiles and waves in your direction. You know it's not to you, but you smile and wave back anyway.

By the end of the concert you are absolutely wiped! You're tired and your throat hurts from all the screaming and singing. So you head into the lounge of the cafe they were playing at and order a drink, sitting down and you watch as all the teenage girls exit the venue.

You laugh as you notice you're one of the very few 18 year olds at the show. Ten minutes pass and the place is completely empty, besides a couple adults and workers in the lounge with you.

After a few moments of peaceful recovery, you feel a prescence beside you.

"Meow you doin'?" You look to your right and it's none other than Keaton Robert Stromberg!

"Uh, fine?" You stutter.

"I'm Keaton, but I guess you already knew that." He smiled. "And you are?"


"Well, it's nice to meet you, Annie." He laughs. "You saw me wave to you, right?"

"So you were waving to me?! I thought you were waving to the person behind me or something!"

"Nah girl, you is the one!" You laughed. You're face started turning red.. You hate your laugh. "So whattya say to a date with me?"

You stop laughing and look him dead in the eye. "Are you being serious?"

"As serious as a Keaton can get." You giggle.

"Yeah." You smile. "I'd like that."

He hands you his phone. "Here. Add your number." You take out your phone and do the same. "Sweet. I'll call you. I have to go now, the guys are waiting for me. But before I go..." He trails off. "I love your eyes."

You blush and look away. You turn your head back to face him, and immediately you feel soft, warm lips on yours,

The heat is rising and blood rushes to your cheeks. "Bye babe." He winks and walks out the door.

You touch your lip, ever so lightly. "What the hell just happened?"


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