Drew Imagine for Marielle

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" Drew, baby can we go surfing today? ' you ask with that soft morning tone that Drew just loves so much.

'' Anything you want babe, today is YOUR day" he says while giving you a soft kiss.

You had to admit. Drew did give the best kisses, especially in the mornings!

" Nice bikini Mari, I like it !" Your boyfriend Drew says with a seductive tone, and you couldn't help but smirk.

" Awe, thanks. But lets get going, I reaaaallly want to surf, okay." you say while grabbing your board.

" Ready to go? "he asks making sure

" Yup! " You say with excitement in your voice

As you and Drew are getting ready to get in the water and surf.. you can't help but notice his perfectly toned abs, like woah!

" Like what ya see?" he questions, and you stand there frozen because you've just been caught.

" Ehh, I've seen better......" you lie, but not very well.

" Okay, no. I haven't , ANYWAY lets gooooo babe" You say pushing Drew toward the water.

" Woah, babe take it easy! The waves aren't going anywhere.. " he says trying to calm down the sudden urge of eagerness to surf

" You're right.. so what should we do then?" You ask

" Hmmm.... kiss me." He says, out of the blue.

Suddenly you feel to strong hands on either side of your face and a pair of soft, lips pressed against yours. It was like everything stopped and it was only you two.

" I could kiss you all day actually. Surfing can wait. I just want to spend this day with you!" Drew says while looking into your eyes.

"I love you." you tell him before another sweet kiss

Short, I know! I WILL be adding to this one ! I hope you like it so far.. I just didn't want you to wait so long xx


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