Akwardness CH.5

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'OH SHIT , OH SHIT what do I do? CRAPP!!!!!'

I looked towards Danny, more like a lion. I chuckled at my thoughts. What no I can't laugh at a situation like this I thought to myself.

"Um Danny its not what you think!" I said lamely

Oh gosh this is so akward why does Danny look like he wants to kill someone he shouldn't care that much I mean its not like we were dating or anything i'll have to ask him later i thought to myself.

My thoughts were interuppted by a loud bang I looked to the noise and saw my brother and my own best friend punching each other the two guys that I love the most punching eachother!

"STOP NO STOP!" I cried starting to panic I moved between them that is when my brother pushed me out of the way and I lannded on the floor my head throbbing in pain.

"Ow" I groaned and before I knew it I started to cry this is horrible! First me and my own brother were kissing, second my best friend caught us kissing, third they started fighting, and now forth im crying in pain from the major headache im having!

"Fuck Dakota are you okay?I'm so sorry I didn't mean to!" my brother said apolgetically I looked up and saw my 2 favortie guys now hovering over me with worried looks on their faces.

"Um yeah I'm fine can you guys stop fighting though?" I asked quietly still unable to look directly in their eyes.

I felt someone cup my face it was my brother he was wiping my tears away he was so sweet I smiled.

"Theres that smile!" he said chuckling

I laughed and it was like we were both lost in our own little world.

I loved him.

Thats when i heard someone coughing I looked up and saw that it was Danny his fists were clenched he was glaring at Mason. He needs to calm down I thought he's going to end up getting a heart attack or something.

I got up from the floor and leaned towards him he looked at me through his beautiful eyes and tensed up. I embraced him with a tight hug. I looked up and smiled.

"Well arent you going to hug me back?" I asked teasingly

I felt him relax and he smiled and hugged me back tightly I was embrace by his warmth.

I just love this boy i thought.

We pulled back and saw Mason frowning.

Oh god when can i make both of them happy? Never i guess i sighed.

"Okay I guess I have explaining to do and trust me its not what you think" I said looking over to Danny trying to sound convincing I never was good at lying.

He looked at me with sad eyes. I sighed why was he so sad?

"um i have to go to the bathroom you guys stay here" i said akwardly not knowing if i just messed up by leaving those two alone in a room but right now i have to thing of a plan.

A/N okay i know you guys prob hate me and im soooooooooooooo sorryyyy its just i dont know i got bored with this story but after alot of thinking i thought its not fair to the readers so im decided to finish just contiue commenting and stuff give me some good feedback. Im so sorry though Ill promise to keep updating but im not sure if im going to update quick because im in vacay in colombia so yeah but ill still update anyways im gonna go eat some cookies yum haha <3 COMMENT please ! :)

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