Ok im confused im in love with my older brother and my best friend WTF?!?

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"BRINGGG BRINNGG BRIINNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!" "ughhhh" i groaned i seriously hate my life just last night i found out my mom has been cheating on my dad for over a month now i mean really? Who the hell does that its soo fucking messed up when u have a family and a husband that love u more than anything and she she goes out and does this what the hell? "Dakota get ur butt up its time for school". my brother exlaimed grinning at me. I gasped I know its pretty wrong to think this but my brother seriously has to be the hottest guy ever I couldnt help but stare at him and his sexy abes with his chestnut hair that swoops just right over his warm brown eyes. 'ahh i love my Mason' i thought WAIT WHAT? i cant love my brother its wrong. "Hello? R u even listening to me? my brother asked getting irratiated. "huh? oh sry i was just thinking about something" i said quickly. He chuckled "alright just get up so werent late for school little sister." "okie dokie" I smiled. Mason and his hot self chuckled and left the room. I sighed what should i wear today i thought. i decided on my favorite dark blue skinny levis and a white aero shirt i took off my bun that was on top of my head and let my dark brown curls tumble down my back then i straightened my bangs that fell just over my bright blue eyes. I didnt look bad i guess. I ran downstairs to find my mom making out with the old uglyass skunkbag she cheated my dad with. Again i just hate my life the only thing good about it is my sexy ass brother. I groaned "Hello mom arent you going to say good morning? I asked irratied. She turned around quickly "Oh sorry honey I didnt realize you were there your brekafast is on the table". she said quietly blushing. "Of course you didnt instead your making out with this dick." i said angrily. "Dakota! Apolgize this instant what you just said is very rude! "she exclaimed her face going red. "No mom im not going to apolgize I cant believe you did this to us I thought you loved us but you dont I hate you your the worst!" I yelled tears rushing down my eyes as I ran outside. "DAKOTA!!!!!!!" i heard her yell from the house as i got into my bestfriend Danny"s car. "What the hell happened are you okay?" he asked concerned. "Ya im fine just go before my bitchty mother comes over." i said quietly. He shrugged and we zoomed to school seriously he is the scariest driver ever i didnt pay much attention to that at the second though. I was too busy thinking about my mom and how she could ruin my life like this i just really hate her but i cant say i dont regret telling her those words because I know that would really hurt her. Not only emotionally but also physically my mom is senstive very sensitive an she also cuts her self I remeber the first time i saw her do it was when i was 9. *FLASHBACK* "Mommy? what are you doing i asked quietly. She was sitting in the corner on the floor blood all over her arms. "Nothing honey just leave the room right now all mommy gots is a boo boo its okay sweetie" she whispered silently tears streaming down her face as she put down the razor. *END OF FLASHBACK* I shuttered as I rembered that painful memory of seeing my mother like that. "So are you going to tell me what happened?" my bestfriend Danny asked raising his eyebrow. "Nothing its just problems with my mom you know she cheated on my dad." i said silently. "Come her its ok dont worry" Danny replied hugging me in his big warm bear hug. MMMMM he smelled soooo good i thought. I smiled "You always know how to make me feel better i love you so much Danny! i sighed happily. "I love you too"he replied and it was true I did love him he was my bestfriend since i was 5 but i dont think we would ever be more than that i"ve never thought of him as more than a bestfriend. Practically every single girl wanted him he was the cutest Juinor in the school with his jet black hair and his mysterious green eyes. But i just dont know i feel like i should be waiting for someone else. We finally got to school i jumped out actually excited i mean who isnt for the first day of school? Oh gosh i sound like a such a nerd! I thought i smiled at the thought of me being a weird nerd....ha not cool. "So whats your first period" Danny asked as he put his arm over my shoulder. "Mrs leonard i heard shes a horrible teacher" i groaned. He laughed playfully I smacked him playfully on his arm "Hey listen buddy its not funny i hope she isnt as bad as everyone says she is." "dont worry she cant be that bad well anyways i got to go to my first period with Mrs.Widness i heard shes one sexy mama" he grinned widley. "Wow whatever i"ll see ya later than" i pecked him on the cheek and left the opposite way. I just hope this day goes well hopefully. i took a deep breath and went into my first period and was very shocked to see who was in it.

OKK so omgg this is my first story i"ve written on wattpad i really hope you guys like it i think it sucks hope it doesnt but hey if you guys like it I'll be happy to write more so ya become fan vote and pllzz comment k bye :D

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