CH.3 the breakdown!!

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hey finally i uploaded sorry it took so long ive been busy and sorry but i accidently did CH.2 in front of 1 sorry kay I'll try to fix it if i can ok heres the story!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~CH.3 the breakdown~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

RECAP: Who the hell are you calling a bitch you big fat hot everything went down hill from there

"Oh girl your messing with the wrong bitch!" she exclaimed loudly as she came closer and punched my face. Oh gosh thats going to leave a mark i thought. As in insticnt I immediaty i flipped her to the ground. Tae kwon doe pays off when you need it i thought i smiled at the thought. "What the fuck oh girl hold my earrings." she yelled. Oh wow now shes trying to act ghetto she's the whitest person i"ve ever seen she cannot pass on that act trying to act tough she just looks plain stupid. Right as she was about to hit me again Michael got in the middle. "Whoa whoa girls relax Ashley baby calm down" he said worried that we would eventually kill each other. "Mikeyyy i don't want you talking to this hor she tried hurting me."she whined pouting and stomping her foot. "Ha yeah right I've known him my whole life you think he's just going to stop talking to me because you told him to? Think again dumb bitch!" How dare her tell him to stop talking to me. She scowled at me and then gave a pleading look to michael. "Um Dakota I think you should leave now" he said quietly not looking at me directly. I looked at him in disbelief "what?" i said. "I said leave he said slowlylike he was talking to a five year old. "Fine I'll leave just dont expect me to ever talk to you again asshole" i said angrily my voice almost chocking from the tears that were threatening to fall. No i couldnt cry for him I just never knew he was so shallow. From now on i had to promise myself not to trust him again I didnt even want to be his friend anymore. With that I walked away sitting in a desk farthest away from Ashley and "Mikey the jerk." Wow i thought the teacher is still not even in the room this school is so sucky can't even afford teachers who come in the classroom in time. I glanced to my right and saw a girl that looked very familar I think she used to be in one of my classes in the past years. "Hey do you know when the teacher is going to get here? Because might as well just skip then sit here doing nothing" I said. "Ya I know I heard this teacheris horrible." she said. "YaI know I'm Dakota" i said "MaryI think you were in 3rd grade with me" she grinned. "Oh ya Mrs.Mercurio" I said memories of the good ol'days coming back to me. "Ya and hey I saw what happened back there don't worry Michael I dont know whats gotten into him he's changed alot let me guess them two Ashley and Michael are only going to last about one more week Ashley can't stay with a guy more than two weeks.' Mary sighed disgusted. " Ya I really could care less he's just being stu- I was interupted by a squeaky voice I turned towards the front of a classroom and saw a big lady that looked like she could be a wrestler her voice defintly did not match her looks i though. I quickly glance at Mary she was covering her mouth trying hard not to laugh. I smiled. "Okay class get out the textbooks and read pages 120 through 200." she said with her annoying high pitch voice as she went to go sit down.I sighed this is crazy and went to work I felt someone staring at me and looked to see Michael I quickly turned around and went back to the book this is going to be a long hour....

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