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I came out of the bathroom, after fully thinking of my great plan, well not really but it's worth a try. My plan was to tell Danny that I was exhausted and when i was going upstairs I could have sworn I saw my Dream man Taylor Lautner and couldn't help but jump him and i forced myself on him even though it was actually my brother trying to push me off.

I took a deep breath and made my way to the livingroom where they were waiting for me. They were both glaring at each other of course. I sighed, I took a deep breath ready to begin when I was interuppted by Mason. "OK so Danny I'm going to explain to you what happened even though you don't really deserve an explanation knowing that it's none of your business anyway. OK so today I had broken up with my girlfriend and I was really really like depressed so when I saw my sister I went right over to her for comfort and I don't know why I just got lost into the heat of the moment I know it was wrong since she's my sister but i couldn't help it. I was just really heartbroken. This is 100% true and now you have an explaination and now that you got it get the fuck out of my house!" Mason snarled h

I just sat there in complete udder shock. I couldn't believe what i just heard Mason my brother is finally single i couldn't help but get all giddy at the sound of that. The only reason why I was kinda sad was because that was the only reason he kissed me not because he truley wanted to. I frowned at the thought and looked over to Danny.

"I'll walk you out" I muttered to Danny knowing if i didn't get him out of the house in 15 seconds Mason will rip him into shreds literally!

"OK" Danny said with a bored tone. I looked at him he looked sad. My plan was way better than Mason's I thought. When we finally got out I went over to hug him but he slightly moved away. I looked at him hurt my best friend just rejected my hug.

"I am disgusted by you right now I don't want your hugs and I don't want your pity" he slightly pushed me away from him and walked away. I felt hot tears form in my eyes. I don't know what hurt more the thought of my bestfriend disgusted by me or the thought that I have feelings for both my bestfriend and my brother and I can't have either of them. I sighed as i ran upstairs hot tears pouring out of my eyes.

I finally got to my room slammed the door and threw myself in the comfort of my bed and cried myself to sleep.

A/N: Aww poor Dakota she's heartbroken sorry but i had to but i hoped u guys liked it comment pleasee i need feedback ! thanks Ily guys <3

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