Chapter one.

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Yep, this is the sequel! So I have in the end decided to write a sequel for "Married to Mister Riches" I hope you guys enjoy!! [lowercase intended]


dear diary,

we're moving.

i can't believe im actually moving.

im moving all the way to California!

i currently live in detroit with my adoptive parents and brother.

but you already know that.

my mother told me that we will move after my 18th birthday, that is coming very soon.

but how can i move?

how can i leave everything behind?

how can i leave Alex, my one true bestfriend?

how would ge react once he hears that, me, Courtney is leaving?

california is a long way to go, what if i dont ever get to go back and visit?

oh if only we wouldn't have to move.

but my mother told me it was because she found a better job.

i guess i have to suck it up and endure this move.

so farewell detroit!


A/N : The beginning is the same as the old version of this book. Only some events change.

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