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Kinsley Adams is finally getting the getaway she's been dreaming of for years. She's moving to her cottage for the summer, three hours away from her home filled with day-to-day madness. She's getting the peace and quiet she's yearned, along with a long stretch of forest as her backyard and a beautiful blue lake as her view.

She's had the same cottage for as long as she can remember, but something has definitely changed since the last time she came for a visit; new neighbors. A couple with a nephew her age- Levi- and a son due to arrive the next day- Finn.

When they come over for a barbecue the first night, Levi Collins seems like a completely normal teenager. Closed off, sure, but Kinsley thinks nothing of it. That is until she wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of gunshots coming from the shooting range hidden on the edges of the forest. That's when Kinsley discovers something isn't right with her neighbor's nephew ever since an incident a couple of years back- he's almost constantly losing his mind, and going to the shooting range at night is a way for him to cope.

And that's where the son comes in- Finn Allen.


Hey guys! I know I just posted Helping Hands but this came to me yesterday and I HAD to post it. I have so, so much planned for this story, you have no idea. Plus, it's a lot different from what I've ever written before (excluding maybe Finding Ford) so it'll be an adventure for all of us!

If you liked this extended description, please be sure to leave a COMMENT AND VOTE! I don't know how much I'll be able to update this, but as soon as Live in Color is over I promise to get updates up for this quick! I love you all so so much! (: xoxo

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