Chapter 1

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"I'm leaving!" I yelled to Jungkook as he lifted an arm only to be pushed back down by Jimin.

"Bye Tae!" Jimin yelled.

"Be safe!" Jungkook managed to yell out.

"Don't go too hard on him! He needs to still be able to walk!" I teased.

"GOODBYE TAE!" They both yelled in unison.

I laughed as I walked out onto the streets and looked around. It was late. 10:00 to be exact. I didn't want to go home yet, so I walked to the playground by my apartment. I played on the swings, then I played on the play set. I didn't realize it was getting to be really late until it started snowing. I took out my watch and it 11:30. I played for an hour and a half. I grabbed my bag from by the swings and started my walk towards home. As I was walking, I heard foot steps behind me. I stopped walking and turned around.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" I asked loudly.

No one replied so I turned around and kept on walking. I then saw a shadow pass in front of me. I didn't know what to do, I was scared, so I blasted home. By the time I was at the end of the street, I had forgotten about the shadow so I walked. As soon as I started to feel safe again, a was pushed to the ground. A man was hovering over and smirked. He grabbed me and dragged me to an alley way. He cornered me with both arms.

"Um... Is there anything you need? Money? Food?" I asked looking inside my bag searching for food.

The man laughed and answered.

"Yes, I need food."

"If that's the case then I'm sorry I don't have any f--"

"Yes you do."

I looked up from my bag confused. His eyes weren't brown anymore, they were, red. His teeth weren't straight, they were sharp! I yelped and yelled for help. He was almost to neck, but I'm not letting him. He then somehow broke away my hands from my neck. His tongue licked my neck and my breath hitched. It felt really weird. He was about to bite but then he was pulled back. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. The other beat up the vampire dude. I realized he must have been a vampire too since I don't think anyone or thing can beat up a vampire with just their BARE FISTS. He turned to look at me after dracula passed out. There were drops of blood on his face, so I grabbed a hanker chief and wiped his face. He looked surprised from it but I didn't stop until it was all gone.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

He nodded and walked me home. All of a sudden he grabbed my arm.

"Since I saved you, can I live with you?" He asked.

"Sure! The more the merrier!" I replied happily. "I've always wanted a roommate."

He nodded again and we went inside my room.

"Vampires don't have super hearing do they?" I asked curiously.

He looked surprised and turned to look at me.

"Sort of common sense really, I mean you beat him up with your bare hands." I replied looking up to a surprised face.

"So do you guys?" I asked again.

He just nodded.

"Well, my neighbors downstairs are always fighting, and like they had a divorce but the man keeps on coming back. So they fight like all night long. I only know because their son sleeps over a lot. His name is Yoongi. Oh right, I forgot to introduce my self, my name is Kim Taehyung, but my friends call me Tae!" I said smiling at the stranger.

"Name's Kim SeokJin, friends call me Jin."

I nodded and went to go and find extra blankets for Jin.

"Hey Jin, I don't have a couch, only this bed and I don't have any mattresses, because Yoongi always sleeps in my bed with me, so like do you think you can sleep in my bed with me?"

Jin just nodded.

"Hey, I'm going to shower, do you need one?"

Then again, he nodded.

I went into the bathroom and took a warm shower. When I got out, Jin was looking through my picture books and smiling. The first time I've seen him smile. So pretty. I went back into the bathroom and yelled out to Jin.

"Your turn!"

I heard footsteps so I pretended like I was just finished. I ran to my room to look for extra clothes with big shoulders. I looked at the clothes Jimin and Jungkook bought for me but were too big. Perfect.

"Jin! I found you clothes!" I yelled while running to the bathroom.

I opened the door and Jin was shirtless and had his back faced towards the door. I wasn't shy because I've seen Yoongi, Jungkook, and Jimin shirtless many times before. He looked embarassed and reached for the clothes.

"Thanks." He said.

"You're very welcome!"

I walked into my room and jumped on my bed. I made sure there was enough room on my bed for Jin and waited for him to get on the bed. By the time he got out, I was nodding off.
"I'm done." Jin said getting out.

"Okay... Goodnight." I said turning off the lights as Jin got inside the covers.

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