Chapter 11

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3 years later!
Zoe's POV
I'm 16, I'm beta of McCall pack! I'm currently kissing Cody in the woods. Everything's calm in beacon hills, I said" should we head back, yet?" He said" no. Not yet." Kissing me again. I smiled into the kiss, he did too. After another 20 minutes, I heard the Stilinski jeep coming our way, I said" we are so dead." He said" nah, it's Izzy and Camden." I said" how do you know that?" He said" the scent." I sniffed and smelled our best friends, I smiled, we kissed again then they pulled up, they got out and instantly starting kissing, I said" our shift?" Izzy nodded, Cody got up and helped me up, we got into the jeep and drove to town, once we got to my house, Isaac and Ethan came up to us, Ethan said" where are they?" Cody said" who? I mean there is a lot of they's." Isaac said" you know who. Where are they?" Cody said" uh. Who? Are you talking about Scott or my dad or my mom or Kira. Or our best friends?" Ethan said" izzy and Cody." I said" oh, them! Them. We don't know." Dad jumped off the tree, landing next to Ethan and Isaac, I said" dad! You'd make a perfect spy if you had the looks." My dad stared at me wide eyed, Cody started laughing. Isaac and Ethan started chuckling, my dad said" where are they? And don't lie, I'll know." I said" We aren't lying, we have no idea where they are." Stiles came running out saying" they took my jeep and you guys came back in my jeep! Ha!" Cody and I muttered" dang it!" Dad said" yeah, where are they?" I said" Izzy don't hate me! Fine, they're at the ice cream parlor, getting ice cream then they were going to go to the park to take a cute romantic walk. Like in the movies, you've probably seen a lot of them, dad?" Oh I'm so dead, my dad said" she wasn't lying." Then they took off to the ice cream Parlor or park. I said" I lied my butt off." Cody said" your butt is fine." Then we both busted out laughing, from a moment our dads told us about( see what I did there!) we went inside and into my room, we sat down on my bean bag chairs, we kissed again and again. Once we parted, Izzy and Camden climbed through my window, I said" what happened?" Izzy said" we made out like we always do, like you guys always do." I said" did you get caught?" Camden shook his head, a no, we all smiled. Our lives can be normal for now and hopefully for a long long time!
The End!!
Short story I know but I'm trying to end off a lot of mine because I have school so yay! Sarcasm is my only defense! Haha, love you all go check out my other stories! Bye guys

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