Chapter 6

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I said" easy! Stiles!" We stopped at stiles' I jumped off and went to Cody's window, he opened it and let me in, He and Stiles were having a movie marathon, dad jumped in after me. He said" oh so our best friends are having a movie marathon with out us." Stiles said" oh shut up and join in!" Dad sat next to stiles while I sat next to Cody, I leaned my head on Cody's shoulder, he leaned his head on my head.
Next day--
I'm walking the halls of school, I see izzy and Cody run towards me. I said" hey!" They said" hey!" We all hugged, then these jerks push Cody into a Locker, I said" back away or get your butt kicked!" They said" you don't scare us, shrimp." I punched them each in the gut, the doubled over, then straightened up growling?! I said" run!" I grabbed Izzy and Cody's hands and took off running, izzy said" I though we were the only pack!" I said" I thought so too." Cody said" school starts in minus 3 minutes!" We stopped and looked at each other, God, this isn't going to end well. I said" maybe it's not a pack, just omegas." They shrugged, we walked into class, I was wearing my fav outfit Galaxy. Izzy said" you look awesome!" I said" thanks, you too!" Cody said" yeah, Zoe, you look hot." He instantly blushed, izzy said" I'm coming over Friday, spend the night girls night, sorry Cody" Cody said" it's k." I smiled, I will admit I do have a crush on Cody, I mean he's my best guy friend! Class starts and the wolves from early come in and sit next to us.
Scott's POV
Ethan, stiles, Derek, Liam and I are having a meeting. I said" ok, did You guys catch any scent?" Stiles said" yeah did you?" They shook their heads, I said" maybe we should call for help." Derek said" who?" I said" stiles, you say it." Stiles said" Isaac freakin Lahey!" I smiled, they agreed and I got on the phone calling Isaac, he luckily picked up, I said" Isaac, buddy?" He said" hey Scott, whatcha need?" I said" come back to beacon hills?!" He said" why?" Stiles said" because we miss you, no, there's a new enemy we think he's an old one!" Isaac said" thanks stiles, I'm bringing Camden, though." I said" sure, stiles, Ethan and I have kids they'll probably get a long and end up only telling Liam things." Liam said" not my fault! God, you guys hold grudges!" Stiles stared at them, mumbling" God I hate you." Liam mumbled" same." They glared at each other, I said" kids!" That snapped their focus, they both looked at me, smiling, I said" Isaac, you still there?" He said" yeah." I said" come as quick as possible. Bye." He said" bye." He hung up, I sent glares to stiles and Liam.
Zoe's POV
we walked out of school, the wolves from this morning came up. I said" what pack?" I growled slightly, flashing my bright yellow eyes. The boy said" nun ya, how about you?" Stepping closer to me, Cody stepped up saying" stay back or I ripe you to pieces!" The boy said" awe, a little beta pup!" I said" you're a beta too! Now what pack?" He said" Deucalion's pack! Now you?" I said" thanks for the Info! Bye!" Then Cody, Izzy and I took off running. Once we got to my house, I sniffed the air, I smelled dad, stiles, Ethan, Derek and Liam. We went in and ran to them, we jumped on our dad's backs. They groaned, I said" good.." Cody said" /bad.." Izzy said" news.." Dad said" what is it?" I said" two betas at the school, our age, belongs to an alpha named..." Cody, izzy and I said" Deucalion." Ethan tensed up, all of their hearts started to beat fast. I said" what?" Dad said" no...nothing." I said" and lying! What?" He said" we knew Deucalion, he as evil, Ethan was actually apart of his pack before we made him leave beacon hills." Ethan said" yeah, I don't want any of you kids near him." I said" why would we go near him?" Derek said" he has the ability to get what he wants, when he wants." Dad in a sing song voice said" Isaac and Camden are coming back!" See Isaac and Camden came a few years back, visiting, then left. We jumped off our dads backs and screamed" yea! Camden! Yes!"
Izzy and I are in my room, we are having our sleep over. We even kicked out my dad, my mom was downstairs with Lydia and Malia. I said" what?" Izzy said" do you like Cody?" I said" do you like Camden?" She glared at me, she said" I asked first! Answer!" She giggled during 'answer!' I said" totally! Now you?" She said" yes I like Camden!" We laughed, I said" changing subjects! Dance time!" We both love dancing, like in love with it. I turned on music from my playlist on Spotify, we danced around my room, crazy dance moves like flips and everything, being werewolfs has its advantages! After we danced, we grabbed fuzzy blankets and got on my bed, we watched movies on my laptop for the rest of the night.

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