Chapter 10

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He said" you're okay?" I nodded against his shoulder, we stayed like for a long time then parted. We stared at each other for a little then looked at our dads, who were watching us.
Scott's POV
I woke up and saw Cody and Zoe hugging. I looked at Stiles, he was looking at them too, I smiled. The kids parted then looked at each other for a minute before turning to us. Stiles and I smiled, then the door opened to reveal Camden and Izzy, the kids instantly collided with each other, catching and steading one another hugging. Izzy said" you scared me, Zoe." I smiled, them kids are gonna be like us for sure.
Zoe's POV
We walked into my room, Izzy and I walked into my bathroom so we could fix my hair. Camden and Cody sat outside the door, listening to us. I said" what are we gonna do today?" Cody said" we don't know." I said" what about stay in and movies?" They agreed and the boys went to grab pjs and stuff to eat, once we finished my hair. Izzy changed into one of my sleeping clothes and we got movies, and pulled our seats, blankets and pillows out setting it up so we could be next to our crushes. Once they came back, we all sat down, watching Chucky, see scary movies don't even scare us, it's funny! I look to see Izzy already cuddling up to Camden, I cuddled up to Cody, who froze at first but then moved his hand to grab mine. After a little we all just talked and played around, listened to music, watched movies and ate! It was awesome! My dad and theirs knocked on my door, dad said" hey kids, you guys asleep?" I said" no, come in." Izzy said" you can hear heartbeats but you don't use the power?!" Stiles laughed, obviously knowing and said that before they knocked, I said" yeah? Why?" Dad said" no reason." He's gotten good at lying with the rise of his heart but by the look on his face, he failed this time, I said" bump bump tick bump bump tick tick!" Cody, izzy and Camden mimicked me" bump bump tick bump bump tick tick!" Stiles said" great. Stop! Freaky! Kids!" I said" B.bump!" Izzy said" B.bump!" Cody said" t.tick!" Camden said" B.bump!" I said" B.bump! T.tick!" We all said" T.tick! Bump! Goes the lying men hearts! Bump! Tick tick!" Stiles said" okay! Okay, we thought you guys were kissing?!" Izzy and I looked at each other, then we faced our dads, we said" would we get in trouble?" Our dads instantly gulped and looked for help from Stiles and Isaac, who just smiled, curious at what they'd say, dad and Ethan said" no, not at all." Izzy and I looked at each other before, turning to Cody and Camden, I looked into Cody's honey brown eyes, he smiled, as he looked into my chocolate brown eyes, our eyes glowed at each other, then we kissed, for like 5 seconds but wow! Ah! Wow! We parted, smiling at each other like idiots! I saw izzy and Camden part too, they kissed too! Yay! We all looked at our dads, who each had a smile on their faces.
1 week later---->
We are just finding Deucalion and his pack. We are facing them, dad said" Deucalion, I'm not fighting, I don't kill, I'm telling you, leave now and no one gets hurt. Your pack or mine." Deucalion said" now, Scott, why would I do that? You killed one of my old betas, how about I get revenge and kill one of yours?" I looked at my dad then to Ethan, Ethan was starting to get scared for our safety, he was taking glances at each of us, I was next to Cody holding his hand, izzy was on my left, with Camden holding her hand. Dad said" I'm not letting you hurt any of my pack." Deucalion said" then fight, Scott or your pack is dead." My lip quivered, dad said" Ethan, get the kids out of here." I said" no! No!" I ran for my dad, but Ethan grabbed me, lifting me up, I struggled against his grip, I saw he had each of us in a grip meaning we all wanted to save my dad. I screamed" dad! Daddy! No!" He took us out of the building and sat us down, he said" no matter what you hear. Don't come in. Promise me, okay?" I shook my head, I said" I have to help him!" Ethan said" Zoe, it's going to be okay. Look it's going to be okay, your dad's tough, he's strong." I nodded. Then he said" izzy?" She said" don't go! Don't go in there!" He said" I'll be okay, I promise that." She nodded, Isaac, Malia, and Derek are in there too. Camden's been quiet, he's terrified, I see Cody, silently crying, tears streaming down his face, I noticed Izzy and Camden crying too, then I noticed myself crying. Ethan went back in. I ran to Cody, crying into his shoulder, I see izzy crying on Camden's chest.
It's been an hour, we've heard roars and growls and hurt sounds, from our parents. From our pack. We held to each other. After 30 or so minutes, they come out, our pack. Our family. Comes out, healing. I smile, we all do.
Once we got home, we everyone hugged! I love my pack.

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