Chapter 3

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Scott's POV
I'm at the clinic, I got a phone call, I answered it, I said" hello?" The person said" hello, This is your daughter's teacher. I'm here to say that your daughter, Zoe and Cody Stilinski have gotten into a fight and yelled at the teacher and then ran out." I said" thanks." I hung up and then said" hey dr. d, is it a full moon tonight or..." he said" tomorrow." I said" that means, mood swings to aggressive behavior for the kids." he nodded, I said" I better go get some help, in finding them." he nodded. I ran out and to my bike, I started it and drove off. Once I got to my house, I jumped off and ran inside. Stiles, Malia and Derek were there, I said" tomorrow is a full moon, meaning their mood swings and aggressive behavior." stiles said" I might let you guys handle this." I said" heck no."
Zoe's POV
I ran with Cody by my side. We stopped at the meadow, I ran to the tree and started punching it, Cody said" hey! Hey! It's okay, it's okay. We protect each other, that's what they taught us, remember? They...they know its a full moon in at least 24 hours. it's okay, I'm gonna protect you from everything." I smiled, we climbed up to the tree. We hung around till we heard my daddy yell" guys! Zoe, Cody!" I looked at Cody, I said" lets go." he nodded, he jumped down then I did. We ran to find them, once we did, I saw stiles, Malia and Derek then my daddy. then I saw my mom run up to them, Cody and I ran to them.
Once we got home, Cody and I ran up to my room, daddy came in, he said" what actually happened?" He bent down so he was looking up at us. Cody said" someone pushed Zoe into a wall, and I got angry and I pushed him harder than I wanted and he flew into the wall and the teacher came and Zoe snapped at her and then we ran." he said" okay, it's okay. I'm not mad, Stiles isn't mad, no ones mad at you two." I said" it's not fair! People are mean! Kids are mean!" Cody said" life is unfair! It's not right! Control is overrated!" I said" control is overrated!"
Scott's POV
Uh-oh, mood swings. I said" okay, okay. control is overrated. You both need to calm down." they said" no!" I said" Stiles!" He came running in, the kids eyes glowed yellow. I said" help!" They growled, Derek came in, he said" getting Stiles to help with a wolf and coyote." The kids roared, I said" just help." Derek and I ran to the kids, trying to calm them down. I said" hey, hey! Shh. it's okay, calm down please!" Derek said" Zoe! Cody! You need to control!" They roared then attacked, they pounced on Derek, I grabbed Zoe pulling her away and Stiles pulled Cody away. Kira and Malia come in, grabbing their kids and sat on the bed, holding them in their arms, Kira sings" the little Cubs, little Cubs. wolf and coyote playing in the woods, all day long." They seemed to calm down, I looked at Derek, he shrugged. Zoe and Cody fell asleep.
Scott's POV
After the kids fell asleep, I whispered" how?" Kira whispered" they're 7, they fall asleep to little stories or lullabies." Stiles said" geez, know it alls."  I said" awesome." We helped them put them on the bed, then we left the room. once we closed the door. Stiles said" okay, is it me or are they getting more aggressive?" I said" yeah they are." Kira said" where are we gonna put them for the full moon?" I said" uh, Lydia's basement. maybe, it's the only thing that's holding them." they agreed and then we went downstairs. Lydia and Parrish were there, then my mom and the sheriff came in, I said" stiles!" Stiles said" I'm just gonna go over there, because I think you're gonna hit me." then he ran off, behind the sheriff. I said" good idea. did he tell you guys?" They all nodded, Liam and Mason came in. I said" stiles!" He smiled, I rolled my eyes. Lydia said" so the kids are staying in my basement?" I nodded, Stiles said" by the way, they'll be asleep for a few more hours then they'll wake up and be hungry." I said" dude, you're weird." he nodded sarcastically.
Full moon!
Zoe's POV
My daddy just locked us in the basement. The full moon just took over, I howled and Cody howled too. I started jumping on the walls and playing with Cody, we played and played. Then we crashed on the blankets.
Kira's POV
Its morning, I walk to the basement, we all stayed here just in case the kids broke out. I unlocked the door and walked down, I saw them asleep on the blankets, they some how didn't destroy. I sighed, the kids have been through everything together, every problem that's went there way. Malia came down and smiled at me then them, We picked our kid up and carried them upstairs. once we did, it was loud with Scott and Stiles arguing about Star Wars, I said" shhhh!" They froze, and smiled. Malia and I shook our heads, we placed the kids on the couch, I said" I swear if any of you wake them up, Malia, Lydia and I are going to get you!" The pack came in and stayed quiet. I said" okay, kids are knocked out. Don't wake them, Scott. Stiles." They nodded.
Zoe's POV
I woke up on Lydia's couch, I looked around and saw nothing. Cody sat up next to me, he said" where are they?" I said" I don't know but there's a note!" I got up and went to the table, I saw the note, Cody walked up next to me, I read the note out loud
" kids, y'all were sleeping so we didn't want to wake you. We went to the store to get food, be back in a little, love you two."
I finished reading it and Cody said" that explains that."

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