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Raissa POV

You know you're meant to be with someone when they gift you something deeper than you know.

"YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE?!" I yelled, struggling against the bodyguards that held onto me as Ben continued staring at Rabbit, refusing to turn around.

No response.


Still no response.


"I'm hallucinating, right? I've finally gone delusional and insane? Should I get a psychiatrist?" Ben muttered, still staring at the rabbit as if it was the eighth fricking wonder of the world.

"TURN AROUND YOU IDIOT!" I exclaimed in exasperation.

"This is just my conscious talking. Just my conscious," He continued mumbling, picking up the rabbit and staring blankly at it.

"Ben, I think you should turn around," A guy that looked like Ben but older and with black hair said, arching an eyebrow and nodding in my direction.

"RAISSA, HI~!" A pretty lady chirped, waving her arms wildly.

"My parents have gone delusional too... So it's not just me..." Ben nodded slowly. "I should book us all a psychiatrist...."

"Ben, just turn around!" Older Ben look-alike huffed.

"I should probably book afternoon..."


"Signs of delusion... This has to be one of them..."

The guy with black hair groaned and unlatched his hands from around the pretty ladies waist, going to Ben and putting his hands on his shoulder, forcing him to turn around and look at me.

Ben looked at me and turned back to the guy. "I think I've gone insane. I see Raissa. Do you see Raissa? No, of course you don't because why would Raissa be here, she hates my guts, ahahahaha.... WHY IS SHE STILL THERE?!" He rambled, his eyes wide as he pointed at me.

"Go over to her," The guy grumbled, pushing Ben forward.

Ben stumbled over to me and cautiously approached, holding the bear in front of him for protection.

What, not like I was going to hit him or anything.


Although that does sound tempting since he left me there... Charlotte had to drive me all the way here, and now I owe her gas money. Money which I still don't have.

"I got you these," I said quietly, holding out a bag when Ben was close enough.

"What is it?" Ben asked cautiously, setting my Rabbit down and opening the bag and pulling a box out.

He was curious now, deciding to sit down on the floor to open it. I followed suit, sitting cross legged across from him. The metal bars separated us as he slowly unwrapped my gift.

He pulled out a wind chime with the words 'REMEMBER' in blue glass figures attached to silver star windchimes.

"Remember. That's the word tattooed on your wrist, right?" I asked, pointing to his right wrist.

He nodded slowly, his eyes wide.

I took a breath before shutting my eyes and trying to remember what I had planned to say. But of course, noooo, I just had to forget. Bravo Raissa, bravo! Oh well, do like you do on every test and public speaking project you've ever done: pretend you know what the hell your doing and hope for something good to come out of it.

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