★: One Chance

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One chance. One shot. So many different outcomes.

 She was here.

SHE was here.

She was HERE.


I tossed the mic on the floor and ran off the stage, ignoring the bodyguards who were attempting to stop me. I was too busy trying to keep my eye on Raissa as she ran with Charlotte for the exit. Looking at my watch, I had five minutes before the doors opened. Which meant five minutes before Charlotte and Raissa could exit the building and disappear- again.

"WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!" Maria demanded, stepping in front of me.

"SOMEWHERE!" I yelled quickly, pushing her out of the way, my eyes trained on my targets.

Raissa looked different. Her hair was now chest length and she'd gotten taller, but I'm sure it was her! Where did she go? I received no contact with her for the past month and it was driving me insane. I was literally going to hire a SWAT team to look for them but my dad said no and that if I did, son or not, he was going to knock some sense into me with a punching bag.

Meaning he was going to punch me with a punching bag, not the other way around. Gotta love my dad.

The last I saw Raissa, she was talking to Maria. Then she was... gone. And Maria came back telling me that Raissa broke up with me. No reason. Just that she wanted to break up with me. And if that wasn't good enough, Maria decided it'd be a great idea to trash all footage of Charlotte and Raissa.

For the first time in my life, I felt like punching a girl. Manager or not, it ticked me off. And when she told me that Raissa didn't even want to see me at school, I was ready to hire a hitman to gun her down. Or gun her down myself. What do you mean I can't see her?! I had seven days left with her! Anyway, back to the main point. Maria purposely filled my schedule up with concerts, but I refused to do any of them until she promised that Raissa would show up at this one.

And she did.

But now I was going to lose her again.

Frantically, I scanned the huge waiting hall, ignoring the press and yelling fans crowding around me. I needed to find Raissa. Now.

My eyes locked onto her figure trying to get through the security guards who refused to let them out until the concert was over. Thank goodness.

Running over, her eyes widened as she saw me and got into her stance to break down the door as I grabbed her and pulled her to me.

"I found you," I whispered into her ear as her back crashed to my chest.

She stood frozen, unmoving as the crowd started moving toward us. I kept my arms wrapped around her shoulder, my face nuzzled against the crook of her neck as I steadied my breathing. I missed her scent. I missed her sarcasm. I missed her.

She suddenly turned around, her mouth moving as she said something, but the fans were too loud. I leaned down to hear her better, not resisting when she gently tugged my shirt, coaxing me down.

"Game over," She whispered lightly into my ear before planting a fleeting kiss on my lips, disappearing with the bustling crowd as the doors opened.

The concert was over.

And for once, I wanted it to last longer.


"So close," I muttered, frustrated. What did she mean by 'game over'?!

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