❦: Word of the day: Feelings

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Charlotte's word of the day: Carpe Diem- seize the day!

Ben's word of the day: Creeper- I'm not really a creeper... Am I?!

Raissa's word of the day: Procrastination- wait. Is that even how you spell it?! ... I'll check it later.

Raissa POV

"That's not fair!" Ben whined, pointing at the Just Dance 4 screen. "How come I only get 'OK's?! I was the one who choreographed that dance! I should get perfects!" Abruptly, he turned to me and narrowed his eyes. "And you!"

I looked at his accusing finger, tilting my head. "What about me?"

"I dance the whole dance and only get 'OK's, but all you do is shake the remote and you GET ALL PERFECTS!!!!"

"I don't know how this game works! And I'm just awesome like that" I scoffed, tossing my hair back.

He grumbled and sulked on his seat on the couch, curled up on the couch as 'Super Mario Brawl' loaded on the screen.

Currently, we were playing games on Charlotte's Wii after coming back from his parent's house with Aria clinging to Ben and Aaron trying to pry Aria off of Ben. Took longer than we expected... That girl can hold on tight!

"I'm going to pown you all!" Charlotte cackled.

Which is totally true, but unfair since she has a lot of practice on video games. Heck, she could open her own arcade if she wanted to! And a cell phone store if she could find those cell phones she lost...

"STOP EATING MY CHARACTER!" Ben yelled at the screen as my Kirby swallowed his angel character thingy.

"I don't know what I'm doing!" I yelled back, pressing random buttons and eventually spitting him back out.

"Stop spamming me!" Charlotte yelled, her knight character flying into the air.

"What's spamming?"

"Using one attack over and over again! Now put your damn mallet away!"

"But this is the only thing I know how to use!" I whined, hitting her character over and over again with Kirby's big mallet.

The next round wasn't any better, with Ben playing Wario. He ate me. HE. FRICKIN. ATE. ME. Granted I ate him first, but eating me is a no-no.

AND THEN HE RAN AWAY. I swear, his character had a frickin 'TROLOLOLO' face on!

When the game ended, I sighed in relief and looked at the results.

"You self destructed twice?! How in the world do you do that?! It's hard to self destruct once, never mind twice!" Ben said incredulously, gapping at the screen.

"I have skills?" I tried, shrugging.

I really have no clue what I was doing. I was just trying not to die- which didn't turn out really well, seeing as how I self destructed myself twice. Sorry Kirby. But at least you're still cute!

"I'm going to get a drink," Charlotte said, standing up and stretching. "You guys want anything?"

"I want soda," I mumbled, my face in a pillow.

"I want lemonade," Ben chirped happily, pushing my legs off and sitting down.

"Hey, uncool," I huffed, grabbing the pillow and sitting up.

He grinned cheekily, and flipped open the television, grinning. "You ready to go back to school tomorrow?"

"Are you ready to be pushed off a cliff?" I asked back sarcastically. Seriously, when is anyone ever ready for school?! I will find the person who even came up with the idea and slap some sense into them. Seriously, what were they even thinking?!

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