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I moaned as the pair of hands smoothly touched my stomach gliding their way up to my black lace bra. The boy then looked me in the eye. His eye were full of lust, and soon turned to a golden yellow color. Rain started pouring, trees surrounding us. He went on top of me and came close to my lips and slowly, our lips touched. I can't help but moan from the contact of his soft lips touching mine.

I found my hands tugging on his hair making him groan. 'Beep beep beep' the sound of my alarm waking me up made me jump, "Mariah wake up!" Scott took the covers off of me.

I saw the smirk he has because I might've done something while I had a wet dream.

I couldn't help but think of the dream though, it felt so real. "Why is it so hot?" I asked Scott. He watched me take my clothes and get ready for school. "What are you talking about? The AC is on!" He then closed his eyes and opened them back. Red glowing eyes then started to look at me. "Mariah your aura it's -it's" I was getting annoyed. "It's what Scott??!!" I asked annoyingly.

"It's red" he finally finished.

I looked in my mirror and shut my eyes closed and opening them back up. My eyes were red too like blood red and my aura that was surrounding my body was glowing red.

I looked at Scott. He had the same expression.How can I be an alpha. I'm not even a werewolf. I'm a rare kitsune that posses fire and fight witch katana sand other weapons . How was that close to being a werewolf?

"We're going to Deaton after school, meet me at stiles jeep" with that he walked out my room leaving me in complete awe. I gnawed at my lips worrying. i didn't know if should be excited or scared.

There was something about me that we all didn't even know yet. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower.

I then got dressed up wearing my black Nike hoodie and skinny jeans with my Black roshes. I put my winged eyeliner and mint lip balm and went down stairs. I let down my straight brown hair. Then Scott and I walked out the door. Stiles jeep was in the park way and we both got in. I zoned out when stiles and Scott started talking about Derek being at Mexico. I grabbed my book bag and grabbed my phone. I had 8 missed calls from Lydia and 2 messages from Kira. I locked it, I'll just deal with them later.

Stiles then turned around. "Mariah, The group and I are going to Mexico and saving Derek's ass tomorrow."

I laughed at his statement  knowing if Derek Was here, stiles would've been knocked out. "Ok I'll be at Liam's place then." I informed them" stiles turned around again with a smirk on his face. "Have fun! Oh and happy late 15th birthday!" He greeted. "Your 5 days late bro, but thanks and ok." He chuckled at my response, he got parked and we all got out the jeep.

Liam held my hand and I looked him in the yes. Our gaze were locked and I can't make out why was I  acting in love with Liam. The bell rung and I smiled at him feeling my cheeks burn.

The school day past by and we were at our last class. My phone started beeping indicating I had a message.

Scott: Hey meet me at Stiles jeep, we're going to Deaton's real quick.

Mariah: ok Imma be there after school!

With that I locked my phone and took the paper a girl was giving out.

"Oh great! Really homework?! Wtf!!" I heard other people going on about our new project that was worth half of our grade.

I just simply stuck it In my book bag and waited for the bell to ring. I glanced at Liam and was caught in his gaze, for the second time.

"How am I suppose to tell Mariah I like her?"
I heard Liam ask Mason but I couldn't hear what mason said. I couldn't help but blush.

I never knew he liked me. I smiled warmly at him and he returned. when the bell rung, I met Liam and mason and we all walked out to the parking lot of the school. "Bye lovebirds!" Mason called to me and Liam. Liam and I smiled at him and waved good bye. "We're going to Deaton so if you wanna come, you can."

I informed Liam. "Sure I'll go!" He said with excitement

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