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Pen Your Pride


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Sorry I haven't posted in 2 day! I have been very busy! But here is an long chapter that I hope you will all enjoy!


Lauren's pov:

I sprit away from all the zombies that were running after me. I take a sharp left and a whole bunch more of zombies came towards me.

There was nothing I could do. I was trapped I let out a sharp cry a zombie bite into my left shoulder.

Then I woke up panting and wiped away the sweat that was forming near my hair line.

I just sat there for a while, trying to calm myself down.

But it wasn't working because every time I heard a noise I seem to jump 10 feet.

I went down from the top bunk and I dove into Carl's bed. He was still asleep somehow when I was doing this. I wrapped his arms around mine. I felt so secure in his arms.

I am never ever going to leave I say to myself. I find myself dazing off. I finally shut my eyes and go back to bed.

*the next morning *

Carl's pov:

I wake up to the smell of strawberries and raspberries shampoo?

Wait I don't use that stuff.

I open my eyes and see Lauren is cuddled in my arms. I really didn't care how she ended up in my bed. But she was super cute when she slept. She looked like an angel. I don't want to leave her so I settle back down and hold her again. I never wanted to let her go. I kissed her on her forehead and her eyes shot open...

Lauren's pov:

I woke up after I felt someone kiss my forehead. I could see Carl was blushing madly.

"Hey Carl." I say with a raspy morning tone.

"Good morning beautiful." He says with a that grin that made me get shivers.

"What time is it?" I ask.

"I really don't know." He says.

"But could we lay here for a few more minutes? I mean why break it up,if we both know that we both want to stay here." I flashed him a grin and put my head against his chest.

A few minutes later:

"Okay Carl I think it is time for us to get up." I say even though I wanted to stay like that forever.

"Please Lauren just for a little bit longer!"

"No Carl! We must get up there is a world we must conquer! I saw well pretending to raise a sword."

"Okay fine only if you promise me one thing Lauren".

"Could you maybe sleep with me tonight again?" He asks.

"I mean like you know we are like a couple and all, and it was really nice-"I cut him off by kissing him.

When we broke the kiss.

"So I am guessing that is a yes?" Carl said.

"100% yes!" I grin.

We walk downstairs hand in hand and go to the kitchen area and take some granola bars from a backpack we found and ate them.

As you may know the days with Carl go by so quickly! It is finally dinner time!

"Oh my god finally! It's dinner time!"I say as Carl and I run downstairs.

Carl and I got assigned to set the table today because apparently some people made a run and got some noodles and pasta sauce that was oddly still good.

But anyway as we set the table he did the forks and knifes and I did the plates. As I went around I would place the plates where all the chairs are. All of a sudden I bumped into Carl.

"Oh Carl, I'm so sorry!" I say.

"It's okay Lauren! Only if you give me a kiss I think it will be all better.." he says with a sly grin.

I put the plates all on the table and Carl did the same with the forks. I put my arms around him and I was leaning in and then I pulled back and Carl fell forward a little.

"Lauren! You are going to pay for that!"

"I know you love me!" I tell him as I pick up the rest of the plates and place them where they need to go.

Carl was doing the same too, but he was giving me a glare. I just laughed to myself.

"Well Lauren I have got to use the bathroom so I will be back!"

"Okay Carl."I said as I blow him a kiss as he left the room.

Man did we have a lot of people eating. I put the rest of the plates and forks on the table. As I place the last fork, Carl comes up behind me.

"Oh Carl you are really cute sometimes" I say as I turn to face him.

"Wait?! Your not Carl! Kyle! What are you doing!"

"Oh hello Lauren." He says with a smirk on his face.

I roll my eyes.

"Let go of me you freak." I say.

"No" he simply answers to me.

He has like a death grip on my arm.

"Come on Kyle this really isn't funny..."

and then he kissed me.

I tried to pull away, but the grip was to tight. I was fighting with all of my will. And then I see Carl tearing up...

Kyle finally let go.

"Carl your girlfriend is really bad she made a move on me." Kyle said as he stared right at me.


"Oh Lauren." Kyle says "are you sure about that?"

Carl just stood there shocked not moving at all. Then all of a sudden his expression became dull and then it became angry.

"Lauren! I can't believe you!" Carl said.

"AND IF YOU WERE WONDERING THIS WAS FOR YOU. BUT I GUESS WE WON'T NEED IT ANYMORE." he yells at me as he throws the box at me and a beautiful necklace crumbles to the floor.

I started to cry.

I was a mess everything was just happening so fast.

"Come on Carl lets leave this bitch." Kyle says as he looks at me with an evil glare.

I just started to break down.

Everyone was sitting down to eat. I see Rick and walk up to him.

"Hey Rick. Could I maybe skip dinner I am really not feeling well."

"Okay Lauren I hope you feel better. But have you been crying" he asks me as he lifts up my head.

"Yes I have it's just because my stomach really hurts."

"Okay Lauren I hope you feel better."

"Thanks Rick" I say as the leave the room.

I sprint up to our cell and climb up to my bed kicking off my boots and taking off my jacket and I started to sob...

- so how did you guys like it! I may be updating tomorrow but if I don't I will do a long chapter again! Hope you all enjoyed!

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