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Pen Your Pride

Talking to the.. Filler chapter thing

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Hey everyone time for an update. I hope you enjoy it.


Lauren pov:

I feel a light tug at my shirt.

I look back to see Carl standing there.

"Wow already we are starting not doing our job Grimes?" I say to him with a wink.

"You know me. I like to break rules." He says with a wink back.

Damn he has been flirty for the past couple of days.

"Well bad boy. Better get back to work. Bye Carl." I wink and kiss Carl on the cheek.

I start to walk towards one of toilets in the cell block. I turn around to see Carl looking down.

Hmm. weird.

I walk to the door of the bathroom. I open the door. A instant odor hits my nose. Oh my lord. I walk in, prop open the door with one of the handy dandy door stoppers and turned on the lights. The lights started to come on but very dime. I grab the bucket in the corner of the bathroom containing dirty old water and gently start to pour it into the toilet, and then started to flush the toilet. I took the Lysol wipes from a basket that was to my left and started to clean the sink and also the mirror. I refilled the soap. I grab the new water in the 5 water bottles I brought and poured some back into the bucket to help flush. Also for the sink bucket. After about 30 more minutes of cleaning the bathroom it looked like new.
"Damn I am good." I started to laugh.
I felt someone tug on my shirt again.
"Excuse me."
I turn around and see a little girl with short black hair and brown eyes.
"Hey honey what's your name, what can I help you with?" I ask her as I get down on my knees so I am to her levels.
"I'm Amy. Some boy keeps talking to himself. It's kinda scary."
She said.
"Oh. Well let's see who it is." I say to her.

She grabs my hand and we head into the cell block.

She points to the door.

"He's out there." She says.

I push open the door and we walk down the stairs.

"Right there. That's him."

I look right where she was pointing....


WOA! WHAT IS HAPPENING. Well everyone I hope you liked this filler! YOOO.






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