Carl say What?

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Lauren's pov:

I don't think I heard Carl correctly. Did he just ask me out? I could see that Carl was becoming embarrassed from this awkward long pause.

"Okay, yes..I will go out with you Carl."

And then his face had a relief look to it.

"Well Lauren what do you want to do?Maybe we should get to know each other better... We both jumped to conclusions way to fast about each other." Carl says to me with a smile.
      I smile back at him. "I wouldn't mind that.."

"So.."-I stutter.-"like you just want to start over?" I ask.

"Yeah!"He says.

"Hello my name is Carl Grimes I am 13 years old and my favorite color is blue and---" I laugh and cut him off.
"Not like that silly..." I smile and twirl my hair around my finger.
"I mean let's just start on a new slate and leave the past in the past and let's like each other for who we are now." I say to him as I jump down from my bed to stand in front of him.

"I 100% agree. The past is in the past.. We can forget about it." He states.

"I have always liked you Lauren", he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

We just stood there for a few minutes just holding each other.

I finally broke the hug.

"Hey Carl maybe do you want to go on a walk with me outside?"

"I would like that."

How come I have never felt this way about him before. As we walk outside, we talked about everything! It was really fun finally getting to know him for who he really was and not just what I thought he was.

Finally we went inside holding hand as we went into the kitchen. Everyone was eating. We both went up to Rick and asked him for some of the food.

"Now remember guys only one serving because we have to feed a ton of people.."Rick told us.

We both nodded and took the food. As we sat down everyone was a little surprised to see us not fighting.

Most people just stopped what they were doing just to see us communicate.

We finished our food and we went to go put them in the sink.

Carl took my plate for me and placed it into the sink right as I got pulled out of the room by Maggie and Quinn.

Quinn is an 18 year old girl who is like Maggie in so many ways. She has red long hair and green eyes.

"So honey tell me all about Carl!" Quinn said.

"You two seem to be getting very comfortable with each other. Are you dating? Are you friends? Are you trying to play a trick?!"Maggie starts to laugh at what Quinn was saying.

"Oh Quinn"she says. "You're making Lauren scared."

I was mostly confused at this point.
"But what do you guys want to know?" I ask looking between both of them. "EVERYTHING!"They say in unison.

"Well girls you better get comfortable because it is going to be a long night.." I say with a bit of a laugh.

I told them about everything. The hug and the walking. They said that it was truly meant to be! I yawned and finally we were all done talking.

I rush upstairs to Carl's and my cell and I see he is still awake.

"Hey where were you?" He asks me.

"Oh you know talking about girly stuff with Quinn and Maggie!"

"Wow you girls sure talk for a long time" he says and he switches positions in his bed to face me.

I laugh.

"Yeah I wasn't going for a 4 hour conversation."

I took off my jacket ,boots, and pants and put them nicely on the desk in the cell. I grab my short and put them on and climb up to the top bunk.

"Goodnight Carl" I say.

"Good night Lauren."

And then as soon as I hit the pillow I was asleep.

-hey! I hope you guys all liked it! It was a shorter chapter but I promise the next chapter will be long!

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