Chapter 2

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We were being tickled, I laughed loudly and heard Cody too. We were pulled off and dragged away, we were dropped on the couch. I said" okay! We surrender!" Cody and I got up looking at our pack, Cody and I looked at Liam and Mason. Then we looked at each other, I said" Cody, what's today?" Cody said" according to my watch, it's 1 week till school." I said" so it's go crazy week?" Cody said" yeah." I said" come on, Li and Mas!" Cody and I went over to them and grabbed their sleeves and dragged them out to Mason's car. we got in and started driving, Mason said" where to?" I said" everywhere they sell candy, pizza, soda and cakes!" Cody said" pizza!" I said" yes, Cody, pizza." he said" yeah." Liam said" how much cash we spending and are we invited?" I said" a lot and yeah but no Adults!" Liam said" we are adults." Cody and I said" not in our book." Liam and Mason smiled.
Once we got back, we ran into my room, meaning running past the whole pack. Liam and Mason ended picking us up, once we got to my room. I said" lock the door!"   Liam locked the door, I said" okay! Do we have everything?" Liam, Mason and Cody said" yes." I said" turn the music on!" Cody ran to my stuff and turned on music. we grabbed all the food, we brought in. I said" Liam go get the pizza." he nodded and jumped out the window, then after a minute he came back through the window. we set up stuff so we still had room to play around, Cody screamed" PIZZA! PIZZA!" I laughed. After a good 30 minutes, we heard knocking on my door, Liam said" yes?" We were all super hyper, my daddy said" open up!" I said" no adults allowed!!" He said" come on! You let Liam and Mason in!" I said" they're not adults." i heard him laughing. then feet leaving, we continued going crazy. Liam said" I'm gonna crash soon." I said" I'm gonna puke." Cody said" I'll hold your hair." I nodded, we danced around, we made Liam and Mason ball room dance. it was priceless. After a few hours, Derek jumped through the window, he said" okay, 2 wolves, 1 coyote and human, it's time to go." I said" no!!" Derek said" you're all hyper as ever! You guys need to crash." he unlocked the door, Stiles and daddy came in. Stiles said" okay, kiddies, time to pass out!" Liam said" Mason and I are 2 years younger than you!" Stiles said" still younger!" Daddy said" look, you guys need to pass out, or your gonna puke your brains out." I said" cool!" He said" yep, pass out time!" I was lifted up and carried, down stairs. I was laid on the couch then Cody was laid next to me. I heard a car start, then drive off. I fell asleep.
School time--->
I walked into school, I'm 7 and I hate school. I see Cody, I run to him and hug him, he said" hey!" I said" hey!" Once we walked into class, I was pushed to the wall, I winced, Cody said" why'd you do that?!" The boy said" because I can." Cody said" no you can't! You can't! No one touches her! No one hurts her!" Then Cody pushed the boy, harder than he wanted, the boy flew into the wall. Cody helped me up, he said" are you okay? Do I need to call someone to pick you up? Do I need to call MamaMcCall?" I said" I'm okay, Cody, I'm okay." he said" ok. are you sure?" I said" I'm super mega extra SURE!!!" He smiled and said" okay." I smiled, then the teacher came and said" Cody Stilinski! Zoe McCall!" I said" uh-oh." the teacher came up and said" what did you do?" I said" a jerk pushed me and Cody being my best friend protected me! If you blame him, you blame me!" I might have yelled it, she said" you don't yell at me." I grabbed Cody's hand and took off. out of the school and into the woods.

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