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The picture is to give you a visual of what Evelyn looks like. Next chapter I will have a picture of their (Evelyn and Baylee)'s Homecoming dresses and hair-do. XD Enjoy.


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I felt bad about what I told Evelyn yesterday. It was my fault for telling her that I liked her in the first place. I just didn't want to be someone who cheats. Not again.

"Grayson, babe, what color to you want to wear to homecoming? We're going to be matching. Sadie said holding her phone in front of my face.

"Doesn't matter to me. Any color is fine." I said making her roll her eyes.

I heard laughter from behind me, so I turned around to check out what was going on. It was Evelyn. She was laughing at something Baylee said about Ethan since he looked embarrassed. She looks so happy. I know what I said to her and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to talk to me ever again but in reality, I would do anything just to be with her. Lunch was over, so I grabbed my stuff and ran to talk to Evelyn. Sadie called for me but I just kept going.

"Evelyn." I said catching my breath.

"Hey Grayson?"

"You answered back," I said surprised she didn't try to hit me. "You're not mad?"

"No, I was upset but not mad. You're still my best friend and I understand if you don't want to hurt Sadie's feelings." She said smiling. God, she's perfect.

"Thank you. Um, can I walk you to class?" I asked. She nodded and we headed towards the field.


What I told Grayson was true. I didn't want to be upset about what happened for the rest of m life. Yes, him choosing Sadie hurt but he's my best guy friend so I let it go. Grayson's coming over at 7 later so we could finish up our project. We're almost done because our topic was pretty easy. Tip #1 for projects pick the easy one's, it'll help save time. It was only 6:30 so I chose to take a shower before he arrives.

I wore my Mickey Mouse pj pants and a gray tank with my hair in a ponytail and prescription glasses. Yep, I'm a NERD. "Evelyn! Grayson's here!" I hear mom yell from downstairs. Gosh, she's loud.


I rang the doorbell and her mom opened the door. "Good evening Mrs. Stacy, is Evelyn home?"

"Yes, she's in her room. Evelyn! Grayson's here!" She called for Evelyn. "You know my daughter talks about you a lot." She does? Of course, she does. Why am I nervous? I laughed and looked down.

"Mom!" Evelyn said coming down. She literally took my breath away.

"Hey." I chocked out. She laughed then ran upstairs. I soon followed after I grabbed two bottled waters from the fridge.

"Thanks. So I finished the summary, all we need now is to cut and paste the pictures." She said focusing on the project.

"Okay, not so bad."

"Haha. Mr. Dolan, there are 15 pictures to cut out and you're on scissors duty," handing me the scissors. "Carr on." Her eyes all wide with light, smiling from ear to ear. She's so cute.

*1 hour later*

"NOO! SOmeone save Stefan!" Evelyn is now currently screaming at her laptop screen. we finished our project 30 minutes ago. Well, I finished it. She watched Netflix the whole time, it was worth it though. Excuse so I could stay longer.

"Who's Stefan?" I said curious to who 'Stefan' is. "You've been screaming his name for the past 10 minutes."

"Just someone who's better looking than you." She said smirking.

"Really? Huh. I can tell you that, what you said was a lie and that you should be screaming my name instead of his." I told her giving her a wink.

"Grayson!!" She gasped hitting my shoulder. We both laughed and ended up staring into each others eyes . Right here, right now, all I wanted to do was kiss her. It felt so right but I couldn't not yet.

"Um, I probably should head home. since it's getting late." I said breaking the moment.

"Yeah, I should get some sleep." She said giving me that beautiful smile.

Before I left I gave her a kiss on the forehead. Man I just want her to be mine.

"Goodnight Evelyn."

"Night night Grayson."


What I did was amazing but Evelyn would kill me. Sucks that I'm keeping it away from her but she can't know about this. If she did she'll never show up for it. Just 2 more days. Great, the email came in. Perfect.


A/N: Cliff Hanger? Not really. But this chapter is really short. Barf. Please Vote or Comment, just anything so I know where the story is going. I think it sucks. I have ideas that are building but I have to get through the first few chapters.. or after homecoming.

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