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I woke up to someone jumping on my bed, and that someone was Baylee.

"Whyyyy.." I groan attempting to cover my head with my blanket.

"Oh boohoo. I've been up since 7 it's 10 now, so get up we have a busy day." She said pulling the blanket away from me.

"Make me." I say placing a pillow onto my face.

"We're going out for brunch."

"Where to?" I say persuaded by the sound of food in the morning.

"Anywhere you want." She said smirking at me. That my friend, is why Baylee and I are friends. She gets me, she's my person.


" I'll have a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and water." I told the waiter.

"Make that two." Baylee said placing down her menu. We both decided to go to Panera Bread just because it's closer to the mall.

"It'll be right out." He said taking our menus before placing in our order.

After finishing our brunch it was 12:30pm. Once we entered the mall, Baylee and I chose to stop by Sephora. You know, to pick up some makeup for tomorrow. After about 5 stores and $100 later, we found what we came for.

"Evelyn look! It's perfect." Baylee said mentioning the blue dress with diamond details at the waist.

"You should go try it on."

"No. Not until we find yours." She said searching through the racks to help me.

I thought about what I had in mind for the dress and I wanted it to flow out like Baylee's but easy on the decorations. I searched through the dark colors since I don't have a date and that it'll match my soul.

"Found it!!" I screech causing Baylee to dash over my side of the store.

"It's so beautiful. Let's go try it on."

I slipped on the dress and it complimented my body perfectly. I personally liked it because of the simple design on the upper part of the dress.

"Okay. On three, one, two, three." We both stepped out to see each other in our dresses and all I have to say was, Ethan is the luckiest man alive.

"OMG!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!" We say in unison. I chuckled and pulled out my phone to take a picture of us.

"Okay. So dress, check. Now shoes." I say.

"I have mine at home but I found the perfect one for you." She handed me a pair of gold sneaker wedges. The gold color gave the black dress a little more pop, so it was perfect.

We paid and then walked towards Auntie Anne's since it's 5 now and we're starving. I got an almond pretzel and lemonade for myself and got Baylee an original pretzel with cheese dib and water. We sat down and ate our snack until 2 seats were pulled up by the side of our table.

"Hey Ethan." I say waving at him.

"Hey Eve."

"What? No hey's for me. That's rude." Grayson said like a kid crossing his arms.

"Hi Grayson." I say laughing at his childishness.

"Eth? What are you doing here? You hate the mall." Baylee said curious to what  he was doing here.

"I came up to touch up a little. Gotta show up winning with my girl." Ethan said smirking at Baylee.

Gosh, They're cute. Grayson on the other hand is such a child.. in a good way. Reason is, I brought a piece of pretzel to my mouth and Grayson bites it out of my hand.

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