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A/N: I know too soon, but warning you. This chapter is to introduce so I went back and forth with the POVs. I promise it will stop after this chapter. Enjoy :)


I woke up and got ready for school. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and did my makeup. Since it was a Monday, I chose to wear a loose t-shirt with black leggings and put my hair up into a ponytail. I checked myself one last time in the mirror before grabbing my phone from the night stand and head downstairs. "Good Morning." I said while reaching into the pantry for a granola bar. "Morning baby. Your dad and I will be working late so leftover is in the fridge." Moms said before grabbing her coffee and keys. "Okay, thank you." I said before leaving to pick up Baylee, my best friend.

School hasn't even started and here I was holding Sadie's books and new Louis Vuitton bag. She was talking, but I wasn't listening. Yes, I sound like a douche, but really, we have been dating for 3 months and all Sadie talks about is makeup and the latest trends in fashion. I don't even like Sadie to be honest, we're just dating because people said so and so I did. I noticed that she was about to spray perfume so I turned around to avoid the scent of death. As I turned, I saw Baylee walk through the front door with someone I have not seen before. New maybe? Other than that she was beautiful and her smile, definition of perfection. I have to know her.

The day flew by faster than I thought. Baylee and I are currently in Dance class stretching on the sidelines of the football field to practice our dance for homecoming in a week. As we were about to begin, the football team starts piling out for there afternoon practice.

"Hey baby." Ethan greeted Baylee with a peck on the lips before dashing towards the field.

"Looks like you have an admirer." Baylee said nodding in the direction of my admirer, Grayson Dolan? I've seen him around but I'm pretty sure I'm not his type.

"No, he has a girlfriend and I don't like him." I said laughing at the thought that he might like me.

"Hey you never know..feeling can-"

"Girls! Stop the chit-chat and let's dance. 5,6,7,8 and 1." Mrs. Shaver called out. All the girls snickered but Sadie was staring at us with her cold eyes seeping into my soul.

Practice ended and Baylee and I were heading out to the front laughing about what happened at practice today. Once we pushed open doors a crowd of people were eyeing us, creepy it was until people were handing Baylee roses as we walked down the isolated pathway. She reached the end and I knew exactly why was going on. She's being asked to homecoming!!

"Baylee Marie Weaver, will you be my date to homecoming?" He said with his pleading eyes.

"YES Ethan, o my gosh! I would love to be your date to hoco." Baylee cried jumping into his arms, while the crowed cheered on for the power couple. Once everyone started to clear Baylee ran to me with tears of joy. I smiled and embraced her in a hug. I saw Grayson walking our way so I let go of Baylee.

"Hey, Baylee thanks for saying yes. He was freaking out all night thinking that you would say no." Baylee smiled and hugged him. Once she let go she introduced me to him, assuming we haven't met in person.

"O and this is Evelyn."

He looked at me and smiled, he was perfect. I got lost in his eyes not knowing what to say. Baylee had to pull me away knowing that I would embarrass myself.

"Sorry, I'm Evelyn Stacy. I'll see you around." I said before being dragged towards the car, smiling like a weirdo.

Evelyn Stacy was her name.


A/N: long but I just needed to get the intro done first. I hoped you guys liked it. Comment any suggestion on what I should with the next few chapters, I have ideas but they're not coming out. I should've also mentioned that Ethan and Baylee started dating in the beginning of the school year. That is why Grayson and Evelyn never met!!

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