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I woke up regretting the kiss with Grayson last night. Thoughts like; What happens if he only said he liked me because he was caught up in the moment? Or that it's a setup planned by Sadie? Will it be awkward? Bruh. I thought before face palming myself. I rolled out of bed like usual and got ready for school. It's gonna be a long day.


"Okay so I was wondering if you would want to skip school tomorrow get ready for homecoming. You know get our dress and nails done?" Baylee asked smiling.

"Are you serious.! Skip school for homecoming shopping?! Never.. have I loved you more." I said raising my hand to high five Baylee before we took our seats.

Throughout class, people were whispering and giving me dirty looks. Of course, Sadie and her gossip group. I felt like I was going to blow if we sat any longer, but here was only 5 minutes of class left so I sat still while Baylee searches through her phone for the perfect Homecoming dress.

"I can't findd onee.." She said almost wanting to punch someone.

"We'll find one. Ask Ethan what color he wants to wear for homecoming and go from there, okay.?"

"Ehh. Good advice but I'm still freaking out." Baylee said before walking to class with Ethan. While walking to class, I was randomly pulled into the janitors closet.

"What in the world?! Grayson?" He had this look in his face and I just knew it was bad news.

"It's about the kiss last night." I said feeling myself break by the second.

"Evelyn, I'm sorry but I can't. Sadie and all. It's just not right since I'm still with her." Grayson said looking down at the floor. Silence filled the room and I literally felt like dying.

"Yep, I get it. Totally understand." I turned on my heels to head out. Feeling a tear slip from the corner of my eye. I headed towards the restrooms and sat. Weird, cause I never thought the couch in the schools restrooms would be useful. Irrelevant to what's going on but true.

My thoughts were interrupted by the bell and halls beginning to full with students. I looked at myself in the mirror and cleaned my tears. I will not cry over a boy. Over Grayson. I will not waste my tears for someone who doesn't seem to care. I told myself and smiled. I grabbed my bag and headed out but stopped by Sadie and her posse.

"Look it's Ms. Slut." Sadie said laughing. I didn't want to get in trouble since I was off the hook so I rolled my eyes and left. There were whispers but I ignored them, like a mature person unlike Sadie. Bitch.

Last period ended and I headed straight for my car, just wanted to go home. Once I entered my room I noticed a wrapped box and a note by it on my bed. I picked up the card and it read,

"I notice and realized you're hurt. I went out to get dinner but I'll be home soon so we can talk. Love, Mommy"

I set the card down and unwrapped the box. It was a necklace from Kate Spade and it was beautiful. I may seem or sound spoiled but no, my mother just wants me to be happy and live my life to the fullest. She's the best mom anyone can ever have and I'm lucky that she's my mother. After dinner, I told my mom what is currently going on and what she had to say was something I would've never expected.

"You're father did the same to me back when we were in high school. Let me tell you, when he told me he chose her I was heartbroken. But I am a woman, I do not waste my tears on irrational stuff so I stood tall and walked the halls like he didn't affect me. Once your father realized what he's been missing out on, he got to his senses and broke up with the twig and came running back to me." She stopped the story and looked me in the eyes. "But what I'm trying to say is, I know it's hard but trust me, you can survive this. You're a Stacy, we make it through anything. Now get some sleep." She said before heading out the door.

"Goodnight." I whispered before drifting off to sleep.


A/N: I just came back from Florida so sorry for the late update but I will be back on track. This was a filler chapter but it will get better.

Grayson may or may not get to his senses like Evelyn's father.. we'll just have to see.

Chapter will be up maybe this weekend.. I hope.
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