seven pt. one

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A/N: YAYYY!1!1!1 I finally updated. Other than that this chapter switches back and forth with the POV a few times so just a heads up. Now continue with this chapter that took me two months and a half <33

Friday - Homecoming

I woke up with a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and soft snores coming from Grayson. I laid there taking in the warmth and the smell of pancakes in the air. O pancakes. "Pancakes. Shit. Grayson, get up." I say nudging him. "Noo. 5 more minutes." He responded in that raspy god voice. "Evelyn, Breakfast! Don't make me come up!" My dad called from downstairs. "You have 5 minutes!" I began to panic but then calmed down by doing something i never thought would be done.. ever. I lower my head down close to Grayson's and nibbled onto his ear until he groaned.

"Dammit Evelyn." He opened his eyes with frustration.

"What? All I did was to get you up.." I said pouting making him twice as frustrated, maybe even sexually too. O how I love messing with him. "But seriously get up because my dad will come up in 3 minutes." I say with a straight face causing Grayson to roll his eyes. He's such a drama boy.


"Okay, well thanks mom for breakfast but we have to go before Gray and I are late for school." I say wiping the corners of my mouth.

"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Stacy for the amazing breakfast. I would love to stay for more but your daughter can get pretty, salty." Grayson joked before catching up with me.

"Making jokes to gain my parents trust aye. Not bad." Complementing him on his effort.

"Hey, at least I didn't spill what you did this morning to get me out of bed."

"O really? Says the one who got a boner because of it."

"Well- that's- get in the car." He sighed rolling his eyes.

**Fourth Period**

Last class of the day. Bless. While Coach Davis continue to blab on and on about who knows what, I took the time to play out how homecoming might go. Reason I did this is because I've had this feeling in my gut all day about something happening... and soon. Just don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, 

5 minutes before school was over Baylee texted me saying, "Meet me in the front. I made an appointment for us to get out hair done for tonight. XOXO" I headed towards my locker before heading to the front, then to see Grayson waiting for me. Just him standing there gave me butterflies. Damn... did i really just say that. 

"Hey Gray. Whatchu waiting for?"

"You. Who else?" He replied giving me the duh look.

"What for?"

"Well um. I was uh. I was going to ask what color is your dress?" Words stuttering  from his mouth. Does he want to match? Why though, we aren't going together.

"Black dress. Gold Shoes." I say smiling.

"Okay thanks." He said before giving me a peck on my cheek before leaving.

Awe. He pecked my cheek.

Grayson. Pecked. My...

Grayson's POV

Cheek. I pecked her cheek. I didn't mean too. It just felt so.. right. Now she's gonna think I'm weird. 

"Hey we should go," I said to Ethan who was waiting for free cake in the school shop. "You can get some on the way home." 

"No. But this is free!" Darn. This is going to take a while.

Baylee's POV

"He did what now?!" Surprised by the words that just came out of Evelyn's mouth. 

"Yeah. Really it's no big deal, like i don't even know why you're over reacting. It's not like he kissed me." I murmurer.

"I'm overreacting because he likes you." Starring at me deep in my eyes. "Plus you guys would also make beautiful babies."

I thought about it before replying, "Yeah you right. Now we should go before we're late to our appointment."

Ethan's POV

"Bro!! You really like her don't you." Clearly he does, I can see it in his eyes. The way he looks at Evelyn it's real.

"Yeah. I do. Maybe even more than I thought I would." 

I set my tux down and sat next to Grayson on the edge of the bed to give him advise. 

"Well, the only thing i can tell you is. If you think she's the one, get her. If not, let her be." Silence filled the air before he pulled out his phone and left the room.

Evelyn's POV

"I'm 5 minutes away, why?"

"Nothing.. Bye now." Um okay. Boys could be so confusing.

"Who was that?" Baylee asked keeping her eyes on the road.

"The one and only Aaron Carpenter." I say rolling my head towards her.

"O.." She said attempting to retain her smile but failing horribly.

"Baylee.. What do you know?" Crossing my arms over my chest.

"Nothing why." Rolling her eyes to show that I was being crazy. She's lying. She's always been a bad liar. 

Grayson's POV

"Alright they're almost here. Places!" I feel like this would fail but it's worth a try. Right this moment, I've never been so nervous. I don't see the reason not to be, Evelyn is different. She's the type of girl you would want to pack up and travel the world with. Forever even.

I hid behind Aaron's car, just so i can make a big entrance. Aaron and Ethan were hiding in the car and Baylee, well let's just say she made all this happen.

"Ev." Baylee repeatedly saying her name. "You're seriously not going to talk to me." 

"Well yeah." I heard her reply  being the little stubborn girl I know. That's also another thing I love about Evelyn Stacy.

Evelyn's POV

"What the heck. Why are you rolling down the windows?" Today has been so weird and full of secrets. Ugh. After a minute, Kiss Me by Rebel started playing and Baylee pulled out a bullhorn. I didn't even know she owned one. 

"Evelyn. I'm gonna need you to close your eyes."

"What?! Why?"

"Just trust me." 

So I did. I closed my eyes and found myself being swooped up of my feet.


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