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It's 5:30 and I'm in bed, Baylee took me home, thinking about what just happened. I was supposed to meet Grayson at his house to work on our project but I didn't want to see him, or anyone at all. He probably thinks I'm a freak from listening to Sadie and her lies. To be honest, I wish I never met Grayson. Life was normal; no drama, no gossip, no worries. Now it's just filled with lies and chaos. But I am also grateful that I did. When I'm around him; I feel secure, I feel free, I feel loved. Now I've lost all that just because of a lie? I can't. Then it hit me.. I have feelings for Grayson. I grabbed my phone noticing the miss calls and messages from Grayson, but ignored them to dial Baylee's number.

"Hey Evelyn. You feeling better?" Baylee asked.

"Yeah. But you were right. I do have feelings for Grayson, if I didn't I wouldn't have fought Sadie today." I rushed over taking a deep breathe feeling my tense body relax from realization.

"Evelyn, I know. I just wanted you to admit it." She said giggling like a little girl.

"What?! How? When?"

"We've been best friends since kindergarten. I'm pretty sure I can tell if you have feelings for a guy. Now open your door, I have a present for you. Keep me on the phone though!" I was confused of why she said that but went down to check it out anyways.

"Okay. I don't know why you said to keep you one the phone cause you're right," I said while opening the door. "Here."

"SURRPRISE?! Don't be mad. I thought it would be best if you guys talked so I gave him your address. I love you." Baylee said before ending the call.

Grayson. My surprise was Grayson? I was so in shock I closed the door but immediately opened it right back. I sighed but invited him in. We both headed towards my room in silence, until words flew out of my mouth.

"Grayson, I know what you think but if you let me explain you'll-"

"Evelyn slow down." He said reaching for my hands to slow me down. My body melts from his touch but I took a deep breathe and began. After about 5 minutes of explaining my side of the story, Grayson was in shock. What do you expect his girlfriend lied to him making him think twice of his best friend. At least he managed to say,

"I believe you" Then I was in shock.


"Well after you ran off the field. Sadie stood up and smirked like she usually does when she gets what she wants. That's how I knew she was lying and that I owed you an apology." He said smiling.

I smiled back, "Apology accepted. Now should we start." I got up and grabbed the poster board and the arts and crafts materials.

--1 hour later--

"I'm done." Grayson groaned from boredom. He looks so adorable laying on the floor opening and closing the cap of the marker.

"Me too." I signed laying down next to Grayson. Before I knew it, Grayson sits up with his washable market and drags it across my face.

"GRAYYSON!!" I screamed noticing the cracks in my voice. He laid there laughing dropping the marker beside him.

"Oh my gosh! That was perfect." He exclaims with laughter. I have to admit he got me, good. That just means I have to get him back but better. I started laughing along with him until it dialed down. He stared into my eyes as I did to him, just to play along. He begins to lean in closer and I pull out my marker that's located in my sleeve. We are now just inches away, he closes his eyes and BAM! Clean mark from one cheek to the other.

"PAYBACKS A BITCH!" I said throwing the maker on the poster and laughing. He was still and looked upset so I felt guilty.

"Grayson? You okay?" I scooted into him a little closer just so I can look at his eyes. Then out of nowhere, he pins me down.

"It is," he smirked. "Your reaction was cute but sad that we didn't kiss." He said staring into my eyes once again. O how much I want to kiss him right now, like come on who wouldn't. He's just so.. himself.

"I should probably go now." He said getting up lending me a hand.


"So again tomorrow? Your place?"

"Absolutely." I said biting on my lip. He noticed and got nervous and tense.

"You know if you didn't want to kiss me you shou-" I cut him off smashing my lips onto his. It took him a second but he kissed back pulling my face closer to his. The way our lips moved in sync like it was meant for each other was just, magical. I felt sparks for sure but there was more, it was like we were in our own world. I let go and he smiled at me. My cheeks flushed and I brought my hands to my face biting my lip to stop myself from laughing. He held my hand and brought them down.

"It's okay, I liked it. I like you.." Looking down.

"I like you too. A lot actually."

He gave me a peck on the lips before heading downstairs. "I'll see you tomorrow Evelyn Stacy."

"Good night Grayson Dolan."

After he left, my hands went to my lips tracing where his were.

Maybe this won't be so bad after all.


A/N: Sadie? Are you still up with that threat of yours? Lets see how Grayson will break the news to Sadie.

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