My Sexy Teacher fucked me

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Damn those arms...I want them on me

I watched his long, sleek fingers gripping unto his marker and write rubbish about Chemical bonding. The way some of his veins throbbed...omg I was so wet I was scared it would show on my grey skirt, that was part of our uniform.

He turned around and smiled at my best friend, Flora who had asked a question. He began to explain to her, with movement of his hands. And my hungry eyes followed every move. The way his muscles flexed under that rubbish shirt I wanted off.

Someone made a joke about his explanation and everyone laughed, then he ran his hand through his silky chocolate brown hair before turning back to the board, and resumed writing.

Fuck, that sexy ass.

I just want him buried deep in me and then I'll grab his ass and pull him impossibly closer to me. I want to moan into his neck and hear his groans against my ear. I want to know how it feels to have his sexy fingers tugging on my nipples. Those sexy thighs on me, as I grip those sexy muscles and dig my nails into his back.

"Elara." Fuck, I could already hear it...

"Miss Elara Faye!"

I blinked. I was no longer staring at his ass. He had turned and now it was his front. Damn, his cock is back there.

"Elara!" Someone nudged me.

I looked up abruptly and blinked twice. Mr. Zayne was staring at me intently.

Angrily. Uh-oh.

"Uh...I-I'm paying attention."

"No, you wernt, Elara. "


"What was the last thing I said?"

"You...said...Uh-Ionic bonding...ass-the oxygen-" The whole class burst out laughing. Flora looked at me with a cringed look/ She knew of my crush on our handsome devil of a chemistry teacher.

I looked down at his pale peach lips which distracted me for a second before he pursed them and sighed.

"Pay attention, Elara."

I nodded silently.


     Chemistry class was over. But, fucking hell I was more horny than ever. I needed to get Mr. Zaynes hands on me. In one way or another. He caused the pool between my legs. He would solve it.

As the whole class filed out, Flora tugged on my hand but I told her I had to meet Zayne. She left with a wink and her tongue sticking out indicating God knows what.

Mr. Zaynes had walked over to his table and still didn't notice me still at my desk. I breathed deeply and pushed up my bra, rose my skirt higher up my waist and ruffled my hair a little I then stood up. My chair scraped the floor, announcing my presence and I confidently strode over to him, his eyes on me all the while. Finally, I reached and dropped my notebook on his desk, leaning on it with my right hand.
He rose his brow.

"Mr. Zaynes I'm sorry for what happened in class today but I didn't understand much of the dative bonding part so I would love an explanation. Please."

"I have no problem explaining to you but your attention has to remain in class next time."

"Yes, sir. What ever you want." I said in a sexy voice and pushed my notebook towards him.

He opened it, looking for my pages of todays note and finally landed there. I watched his eyes widen. Using my artistic skills I had sketched a picture of someone's tits and saliva dripping from them. Then a few other drawings. A big round ass with a hand mark on one butt cheek. A pair of thick nice thighs and a deep V line above.

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