Quiet, love.

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Tom was finally able to see his family again.

He went abroad for university, and was now home for the holidays.
At home, he met his parents, younger siblings, and cousins. His favorite cousin, Mina, was the first to jump on him.

"You've missed SO much Tom. I went to prom with David, aunt Lisa birthed a baby boy, your dad finished the shed and we got a Rottweiler. Bella got bitten by the Rottweiler. Then we took her to the hospital and there, Wendy met her ex, and his mother was sick and she gave him a hug and from there, BOOM. They're getting married next month. Then Anne-Marie's parents went to London for the holidays and she didn't want to go so she's staying over at my place. Where you're staying!"

From that point, he stopped listening. Anne-Marie was going to be in the same house with him.
They were the definition of high school sweet hearts, and university, tore them away from each other. They never had the courage to tell each other good bye.

So, now, he would say hello.


It was evening, he had arrived at Mina's house, but never talked to Anne-Marie. He didn't know what to tell her.
She was so much more Fucking beautiful.
Her hips were wider, her ass rounder, and the grey sweatpants she wore did sinful things to his mind.

Her chest? He couldn't care less if it was push up. But it was beautiful. SHE was beautiful. She dyed the tips of her bangy light brown hair, purple. And for some reason, the color aroused him.

She joined his cousins in sering the dinner, and during every thing, he kept staring at her. During the toast, his eyes were on her lips. During his fathers speech, they were glued to her cleavage.

She was so fucking tempting. And it was while he ate his cake, that he realized how hard he was.

Oh, he was definitely saying some hello tonight.


Tom sat on the couch, alone, listening to his uncles snores all the way from his room upstairs.

He never had the chance to talk to Anne-Marie. At some point, it was like she was trying to avoid being free.

He heard gentle footsteps. When he turned, he saw his Anne-Marie. Her hair was done up in a loose messy bun, hiding majority of the purple he loved to see. All he saw on her was a robe. He hoped there was nothing under it.

"Anne-Marie." He said softly, making her turn to look at him.

"Tom. " She said his name like she was making sure she didn't forget it. "Welcome back. Its good to have you back."

"I haven't seen you for so long. You look completely different." He said, standing and walking over to her.

"A good different?" She whispered, coming closer to him.

"A good different, Anne-Marie."

"Is...Is it- good enough to still have your attention?"

"You always have my attention."

"You didn't seem to notice me." She came closed and her lips hovered over his. Her chest pressed against his. "You didn't notice my tits are bigger now, or my waist being slimmer. You-"

He pressed his finger to her lips.

"I noticed, Anne-Marie. I noticed that your bra is my favorite baby blue. And lacy. And doesn't even cover those pretty huge tits well. I noticed your round perfect ass. And don't think your sweatpants are helping. And I noticed your perfect peach plump lips."

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