After work, comes pleasure

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Bella checked her wrist watch as she waited for her laptop to shut down.

Woah. 9:42pm. She had never stayed so late at work.

She flapped down the laptop and stood up, picking her bag. She walked into another office where her boss, Mr. Jeremy was still typing away on his laptop and constantly flipping through a file.

"Uh, Mr. Jeremy?"

"Oh. Bella you're done?"

"Yes. I put the printed documents on Dominic's table and saved the softcopy."

"Thank you, Bella."

"You're welcome, sir. I'm gonna head home now, sir."

"Oh, it's actually late. You should wait for my driver. He'll be here in a while, I'll drop you off. It's not safe out there to walk on the streets."

"Oh, no sir, I'm fine. Thank you for the offer."

"No. I insist. Just come with me."

"Ahh...Ok. Thank you, sir."

"Good. Now I'll just take a while. A little work to round up."

"Ok, sir."

"Stop calling me that. I think we're acquainted enough for 'Jeremy' to be ok."

"Ok, Jeremy."

She sat on a posh couch not far from his desk and dropped her purse next to her. She let her ruby red eyes roam the office. Being the boss, it was definitely and obviously the best in the whole building.

As her eyes roamed the office, they finally landed on her boss, Jeremy. His silky black hair was combed back elegantly. His brows, a little curved because of the way he was looking at his laptop, like he was confused. His pale peach lips looked delicious. Especially when he licked them.
He had removed his jacket so she was blessed with the sight of his mucles showing through a sky blue shirt.

He was undeniably sexy.
And she couldn't stop staring.


"Hmm? Yes, Sir?" She blinked, snapping out of her zone.

"Its Jeremy."

"Sorry. What do you need?"

"Come over here, please. I don't understand something.

She got up and gently tugged on her sky blue pencil skirt before walking over to him, bending so she could look at his screen.

"Oh. Umm...the meeting you were meant to have last week was re-scheduled for tomorrow. And Mr. Decker needed to let you know his terms so he sent a letter to me. You've seen that already, but then his assistant sent it again to you directly, that's where..."

Jeremy wasn't even paying attention. Bella's boobs were right next to his face, and her shirt didn't really cover up her lacy black bra from his angle. They were absolutely gorgeous. He couldn't see all of it but his view was still a gift, and a sexy one.

"...yeah. So that's why the letter is out dated."

"Ok, I get it now, thanks. Umm...please pass me the green file on that shelf." He asked, pointing to one across the room.

She smiled and went to get it. Since the shelf was high, she had to stretch a bit to get it. But she still couldn't reach. She didn't want to ask for help, because she had faith her heels could take her higher. Unknown to her, Jeremy had walked up behind her and was concentrated on her round perfect ass.

"You're short, Bella." He said huskily and stood behind her, then reached for the file.

She froze. Their position was...something.
His pelvis, pressing against her ass, with his left hand resting on her waist, for support, while the right was right above her own hand, pulling out the green file.

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