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After the defeat of the Evil Queen, Winter White became the official King of his Kingdom. Along side him was his Wife; Y/n L/n, now known as Y/n White.

They found each other at the time where Winter was in the assumed hunted forest. She helped him on his escape and reassured him that the forest isn't hunted, the eyes we're just her furry friends. At first Winter was startled, but immediately relaxed when he saw the divine girl who had the angelic voice that was spoken unto him.

As time passed, staying in the cottage of the dwarves together, Winter soon fell in love deeply for her. For a boy who believes in true love, he knows it was her, his true love.

Currently, Y/n was at the garden of the Castle, talking and having fun with her animal friends. "Darling," A voice called from behind. She turned around to spot her husband, Winter. He had a smile on his face, a bright smile. However, she also noticed that he was hiding something behind his back. She smiled and slowly stood up from the grass and made her way to her husband.

"Yes, love?" The smooth, loving voice of her Wife melted him in the inside. The way she called him Love... He could listen to her voice everytime, every passion second, minutes, hours, days, and so on.

Winter peeked over behind her back to see the animals watching. "I may need to steal my Queen from you, if you don't mind." The animals nodded and left.

Y/n crossed her arms over her chest, and spoke. "Okay... What're you hiding?" A mischievous smirk crept over at her face as she raised a brow. Winter chuckled and revealed the bouquet of roses that he was holding. "For you, My love."

She gasped, it was her favorite flowers, Roses. Slowly, she took it out of his hands and smelled it. The blissful scent entered her nostrils, she breathed out and directly look at her husband. "Thank you, Winter."

Without saying another word, Winter cupped her cheeks and crashed his lips unto her, she of course didn't wasted any time soon and kissed back. Their lips moving in sync, not wanting this moment to end but their lungs says other wise.

They slowly pulled away from each other. Winter licked his lips, wanting to taste more of his wife. "How about let's continue this to our room, shall we?" The smirk didn't left, but a blushed appeared by Winter's act. Which was him licking his lips.

"We shall."


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