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"So, Y/n, are you a princess or?" Winter trailed off. 

"Huh? Me? What makes you think of that?" Y/n questioned while she sat down on a stool. 

"Well, it's just that… you look like a Princess by your appearance." Winter replied. 

"No, no I'm not a princess." She said. 

Even when Y/n denies, she still looks like a princess. And anyone who will see her dressed in that beautiful gown will assume that she is. 

There was a moment of silence. An awkward one. Although both of their thoughts weren't that silent in their heads. 

Y/n who was confused on where and why is there a boy inside the cottage instead of Snow White. On the other hand, Winter was curious about the girl. 

"If you don't mind me asking." Y/n interrupted. 

Winter slowly nodded and crossed his arms over his chest while looking down at the girl. 

"If Snow White isn't here, where is the Evil Queen? Queen Grimhilde?" She asked, full of curiosity. 

When Y/n asked, Winter's face frowned. 

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