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A/n : Hello readers! Please kindly read this note as I'm gonna explain some things about this book that people get could confused, curious or mad about.

❥ • I've been seeing some people comment in some chapters that Y/n haven't taken a bath yet. If you would read the chapter where Y/n got taken by Diaval in Arendelle, she have already took a bath since the time she was taken was morning and when she arrived at the Moors is the very same day. Now, sometimes she wouldn't be able to take a bath in some chapters for some reason I can't explain yet. (Future chapters will get spoiled if I did)

❥ • Not all Disney characters/movies are gonna be in this book. Only some princesses and Villains that are genderbent such as Mulan, Pocahontas, Jafar, etc.

❥ • At the start of this book, someone messaged me (not telling who) about depression saying that 'Don't write a topic about depression if you don't know what it is.' If you have read the information about Y/n, she got depression for quite a long time. And by losing someone you love dearly can traumatize someone. For Y/n, she was 9 years old when her parents died. That can be traumatizing having to loose her parents in a young age. I understand that some people doesn't really get depression/trauma by that, but some people still do. And before you comment anything, there are different kinds of depression. Though, Y/n's depression wasn't that bad as she had a good support system from her remaining family and friends.

❥ • Same issue as the one above, just different topics. Recently, someone messaged me again saying that 'Just because the reader is a girl doesn't make her weak and stupid.' I understand that some of y'all are mad about that, but I have  no intentions of making the reader feel that way. This book, mainly Y/n, will get a character development. She doesn't really leave the Mansion and when she does, she needs to get accompanied at least or let someone know due to her fame of being the daughter of the L/n. So before you all can message, comment things like that, please make sure to think about it twice. It can be very discouraging to me (Author). If you find it doesn't fit to your liking, than please don't read and leave comments/messages of things like that.

A/n : That's all! The next chapter will get published when it's done.

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