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Floyd walked into the living in complete chaos. There was laundry everywhere, on the floor, on the couch and even on the Tv. He wasn't surprised by it though, this happens when Grandma Rosiepuff does laundry. He isn't sure why she does this, he has no intentions of knowing why, but at least she doesn't do this with the clean laundry. 

Speaking of Grandma, she is in the center of the chaos, putting the dirty laundry into separate piles. One for his clothes, one for Branch and so on and so forth. Seeing that she was busy he decided to leave. 

Guess he's not telling her about the broken picture frame yet. But that's alright he could look for Branch, maybe they could play a game together.

With this thought in mind he started looking for Branch. He checked the kitchen first, looking around he only saw the freshly baked cupcakes on the counter, and drawings strewn about on the table.

He was curious what the drawing had on them, so he stepped closer to take a closer look. But when he got there something had tackled him to the ground, and was hugging him tightly.

“Got you!” The person who tackled him said while giggling.

Floyd looked up to see who tackled him, only to see Branch on top of him giving him the biggest hug he ever got, while giggling. 

That's so cute, he could cry. But he didn't do that, instead he wrapped his arms and legs around Branch, trapping him.

“No, I got you Bitty b!” He exclaimed. Branch made a noise of surprise and tried to get out of floyds grip, but Floyd had a strong grip on him. 

“Floyd let me go!” Branch said, still giggling.

“Never!” Floyd said, in a not so scary voice.

Floyd kept Branch trapped until a voice from the kitchen entrance called out.

“Floyd let go of your brother.” 

Floyd let Branch go out of surprise, and looked towards the entrance. There stood Grandma Rosiepuff, a laundry basket in her arms, and had a smile on her face. Oh, she must have done organizing.

“Hi Grandma!” Branch called out.

“Hey Grandma!” Floyd said sheepishly.

She laughed a little then said, “I have to do laundry, do you guys wanna come?”

Branch just said yes, while he nodded. He could help her clean and hang the laundry, and maybe tell Grandma about the broken frame.

Branch got off of him and went up to her, Floyd just behind him, and they all head towards the front door.

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