Chapter 2

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Ernisty is currently in the library thinking of how he should approach the future.

"I know i want to be a knight runner but I can't blindly go and just become one, i need to have ambitions and Goals as a Man who loves nothing more than fighting i also have a very greedy heart"

He thought about how and what he should do after achieving his first goal to become a knight, after that what's next?.

He liked building Robots but can he build a silhouette Knight as a Knight runner?.

"No it wouldn't be enough, My dream can't stop there!, sigh"

He had been thinking of his future since he knew things wouldn't be easy.

"There has nothing been easy in life sigh, well being a knight runner and a simple life isn't bad but, i atleast want more than that, to be of importance or maybe more adventurous"

He held the book he was holding, in here held all the information and knowledge he has accumulated, he bassically wrote how he wants his future mech to be.

"Well spending my life as a knight runner with ady ain't bad.... Wait what did i even mean by that"

He was a bit taken a back by his own words.

"Maybe marrying ady isn't a bad thing, speaking of which where is she?"

Ernisty went outside the library planning to look for her when suddenly.


"Eh? Ernisty?!"

"A stefania san, did you by any chance know where addy is?"

"The thing is I've also been looking for her, kid and baltsar seems to be in a duel, and they held addy as hostage"

Ernisty froze hearing this.

His eyes were covered by his bangs, Stefania felt the change in his demeanor.

"Is that right?"

"Thats... Yes"

Ernisty without wasting any moments immediately dissapeared, Stefania was shocked and knew that Ernisty is furious.

"I'm quite jealous he sure loves addy"

But Stefania didn't falter she was determined.

Ernisty blitzed to the halls looking for addys Mana signature and he finally found a trace.

Arriving at a door he could feel her mana signature.

He kicked the door braking it then slowly walked in.

Stupid Student:
"Wh-who are you!"

Stupid Student 2:
"D-dont come any closer!"

There were 10 in total, Ernisty looked around and finally saw addy who was tied up and on the floor, she tried to escape earlier and messed up her clothes in the process while loosening parts of her clothes in the process.

To Ernis point of view the Idiots had lustful intentions towards her, resulting in him becoming even more furious.

Without delay he enhanced his body with Mana then swiftly took then down, he didn't stop there he held one of the students head then sent a strong punch to his stomach.

Then kicked his face sending him back, he appeared in front of another sending a jab to his neck choking him then slamming the persons head to his knee.

The next victim was sent flying through the window shattering it.

Shouts could be heard outside including the surprised voice of Kid.

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