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Tsubasa Kurata was a genius Programmer, an Otaku who is obsessed with Robots, but a few of his colleagues know of his other hobbies.

Kurata as a high schooler grew up from a family of Swordsmen, he was trained at an early age how to hold a sword.

Despite the pain and hardships he loved swords and fighting, he was not only a program genius but also a sword prodigy, he learned other combat styles such as hand to hand combat, Mix martial arts, Judo, Taekwondo and Muay thai.

His family was proud of such a man, they knew his love for combat and the fact that his an otaku, they would occasionally watch anime as a family, none hated his love for these things if anything they support him.

The pride of their family, A Martial Arts genius, further escalated when he started watching medieval knights anime.

He tried to copy swordsmanship from those which was based on actual swordsmanship and Researched the past.

As such he was strong mentally and physically.

He joined many matches and trained, when he was in middle school he defended himself easily, and at highschool no fool dared to go against him.

He was the kendos Strongest fighter in his school, a champion and this was well known.

Besides that he is a genius, and kind the ideal Man any woman would want, Strong, smart, Kind but kurata decided to put women aside he wanted to first graduate and start his life earning before starting anything with relationships.

Later on he was invited in a Famous company, work was hard but for him it was easy, he saved his co-workers many times and became their Hero.

With that he was famous not only from women but amongst men, he was well liked, a few were jealous but acknowledged him since they were also helped a few times.

With this he had a good life, he was planning to finally get himself a girl, sadly....

A tragic event came as he died from a car accident when he went to buy a Robot for himself.

Everyone was in total shock, the family grieved his death, no one expected that the genius prodigy and battle hungry Man would die just like that.

Many people went to his funeral.


(Ahhh to think i died and got reincarnated)

Currently kurata or now known as Ernisty Echevalier was with his mother and Grandfather.

(And to think i died without getting a girlfriend, sob, sob ,sob why! JUST WHY!!!)

(Ah he reminds me of a certain slime...)

(That's what he got for not taking so many bitches when he had the chance)

(don't worry little Erny, at least you have your dick right?, well you can still get em bitches and smash them, bang them like the wild horse you are)

(Heh, he still have no idea that this world is a world with swords and Magic, not to mention robots hehehe)

(Eh?, did i just heard of someone?, well i can get myself a girlfriend in this life, although I'm still sad that i left my friends and family back on earth, but i have moved on now)

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