Trigger Warnings 🚨

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This book contains nud!ty, sexual activities, sexual harassment, sad!sm, BDSM, Necr0philia, ped0philia, stalking, r^pes, murders, cann!bal!sm, k!dnapping, and human trafficking.


⚠️If any of the readers are going through some trauma, or depression or are triggered by the above subjects. Please kindly do not read this book.


If you have any queries, complaints, or suggestions I'd like you to message me personally on Wattpad message or Instagram DMs.

My Instagram ID is @silverciaa.

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I'd post Trigger Warnings before every chapter. I'd make sure to write the meanings of words and give explanations of certain subjects. I'd also post warnings and precautions about the subjects that are not supposed to be searched or studied.

I hope you can take it as an art and a piece of literature.


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