Chapter 7

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(Abbies POV)

Its been 2 years and me and Hayes are still together. Everything has turnt out really good, i became a model for Victoria Secret and Hayes is still doing Magcon. ( A/N I know magcon is over but It just complicated to say everything lol) Nash and the boys still do it and there as big as they were before. We only heard of Madison once because she tried to get on Jack G but he was like nooooo way. And know she lives in London. Finally my life is amazing and i can't be more happier... The future is a mystery?

(Hayes POV)

I still love Abbie and everything about her. Whenever i look at her I become more in love with her. I don't see myself with anyone else. Im glad Madison left to go to London she is such as ass. I hope me and Abbie create a loving family and have beautiful babies because i hat want to marry her and when i do i can officially say that i can call her my wife. But thats the future and we can't tell that....

Who knows whats gonna happen next?

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