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Chapter 5

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Two weeks later

(Abbies POV)

Finally I'm home! The boys did come to see me now and again to check up but Hayes never came. I seriously done with this boy!! He needs to learn that he really hurt me i hope Nash told him that he is a jerk.

I got into my PJs and started to watch mean girls until i got a knock on the door. I was limping and my ribs hurt like mad but i eventually got to the door. I opened in and it was Hayes. My eyes started the water and he looked so rough. I felt kind of sorry for him cause he was crying.

"What are you doing here?" I say

"I want to talk" Hayes replied.

"What!" I said angrily.

"Can i come inside?" Hayes said while looking down.

"Okay but make it quick." I say while moving to the side for him to come through.

He kind of hesitated when he walked in and i don't know why? Maybe he is really sorry and he was just giving me space.

"Look, Abbie I totally regret what i did to you. Me and Madison had to pair up for a project and she came round. You was in at you was in another state so i thought you wouldn't really care. We started doing it until she kissed me and i said stop but she wouldn't listen so i just carried on. I thought it was a good idea but then Nash barged in and said that you saw us and i felt so guilty. I told Madison to leave and never speak to me again and when Nash told me you got hit by a car I...I.. I couldn't breath i was so worried, I asked to see you but Nash said no and I thought it would be good to give you space so when i heard that you where home i came to talk to you.. I love you and I hope you can forgive me cause I'm really really sorry.." Hayes said while crying his eyeballs out.

All i could do was kiss him, i don't know why but i forgive him. Other girls would be so angry right now but I'm just happy that he said he loved me. We started kissing and i wrapped my legs around him and he went to the couch. Since i live alone, no one was here so i didn't care if anyone came in. It turned into a extreme make out session until I broke the kiss.

"I take that as a yes!" Hayes said smiling.

"Yes, Hayes, Yes its i forgive you, but you really hurt me and i never want to be hurt again. I love you too Hayes but if 'this' the cheating then i wouldn't know what to do with my life." I say looking into his eyes.

"This will never happen again Abbie, Im such a jerk." Hayes said looking down.

"A jerk that i love." I say laughing.

Im quite happy that me and Hayes are back together because he made me feel special. I really love him but i hate Madison. If she pulls anything like this again she is not going to see daylight EVER!!

(Hayes POV)

I decided to go to Abbie's house and face my fear. I really do love Abbie but i made a massive mistake..

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