Chapter 1

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(Abbie's POV)

"Mum I'm going to Hayes' house!" Abbie shouted from the door.

"Okay Darling be home by 10:00pm, love you"

I started walking to Hayes' house in the pouring rain. I was drenched. I knew all the boys were there so i bought some donuts.

When I got there i knocked on the door and Nash opened it.

"Hey Abbie, nice to see you!" Nash said while hugging me.

"You too Nash! I bought you guys some donuts if you want them?" I said while holding them up in his face. His eyes grew big.

"OMG ABBIE YOU ARE THE BEST!" Nash shouted and took them from me.

I decided to surprise Hayes because I've always wanted to see his reaction when he see's me. I don't know i really love Hayes, he is the most amazing boyfriend ever!

I walk in to see all the boys sitting on the couch watching the football. Until Nash ran past me.

"ABBIE BOUGHT DONUTS!!" Nash screamed.

They all looked at me and had a massive smile on there faces. I started to laugh.

"Thank Abbie" All the boys said while shoving donuts in there mouths.

"Its okay boys."

I told Nash i was going up to Hayes' room and he nodded his head.

I was thinking what to do when i walk into Hayes' room. Do i just stand there? Or barge in screaming. Oh well i decided to sneak up on him.

I opened the door and looked round the corner until i see something i didn't want to me...

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