Chapter 2

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I walk in and find Hayes making out with MADISON BEER! Yes Madison Beer the girl who hates me because apparently 'I took Hayes away from her.' Which obviously I didn't he asked ME out.

I walk back out and was balling my eyes out. I didn't know what to do so I just ran down stairs and because the front door was in the living room i had to run past all the boys which i did not want to do cause they would be asking me what happened and i really don't want to talk to anyone right now.

I was running through until I bumped into Nash who looked at me in shock.

"Omg Abbie whats wrong" Nash said looking sad.

"Hayes is cheating on me with Madison Beer, I caught them making out upstairs." I said crying my eyes out.

Nash hugged me and looked very angry. He started to go upstairs so it was my chance to leave. I run past the boys not even looking at them. I start running down the street and into my house.

(Nash's POV)

I was minding my own business until I bumped into Abbie. I saw her with red puffy black eyes and she was crying. I asked her whats wrong and she told me that Hayes was cheating on her with Madison Beer! I was so angry i had to walk upstairs and go beat the crap out of him.

I barge into Hayes' room and see him under the covers with Madison. He looked up at me with a smirk.

"Hayes what are you doing!" I said shouting at him.

"Oh Madison just came over and we had a good time" He said looking at her and she bit her lip.

"Well guess who caught you." I said in a baby voice.

Hayes look really guilty because he knew who i was talking about.

"Omg i completely forgot about Abbie." Hayes said looking down.

"Yeah you did and you messed up, you jerk." I shouted.

I gave Madison a disgusted look and she just smiled. What an idiot. I rang Abbie's phone and she won't pick up. Im started to get worried. I tell the boys we should go to her house to cheer her up so we got in the car and drove there.

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