Chapter 4

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(Nash's POV)

What Abbie said made me really sad. She really did love Hayes but she cut herlef and that makes it 100x worse. She just runs out and we all go after her but she is really fast and was already at the end of the road we all ran out and next thing we heard was a massive beep. We ran up the road and found Abbie lying there with blood everywhere and unconscious. When i saw her i died my heart stopped. I was supposed to look after her since her parents died and her sister was out of town.

"CALL 911 NOW." Cam shouted. Carter got out his phone and called 911. The ambulance came and took Abbie away i went in the ambulance with her and they tried to awake her.

I didn't text Hayes because he would be with Madison probably sucking her face off. Psh he is such a stupid boy. I was crying and i felt like poo.

*At the Hospital*

She was rushed to surgery and I met the guys there. She cam out of surgery and got to sent to her room. We all walked in and the Nurse came in too.

"Im glad to say that Abbie is alive but she has broken her ribs, arms and one leg she has to rest for a day then she can be out." The nurse said.

"Thank you" We all say together.

I rang Hayes and told him everything all he said was. "Okay." Okay. Can this boy be anymore a jerk I'm so annoyed at him right now. We left the hospital and went home...

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