Chapter 6

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I knock on the door and she opens it. Even though she didn't have her hair and makeup done she was still beautiful. I knew i looked terrible because i stayed in my room for two weeks not talking to anyone and crying the whole time.

I finally buck up the courage to ask if i could come in a and she said yes, i was surprised actually.

I explain to her everything and next thing i knew she bashes her lips to mine. I kissed back because i love her. She kisses amazing better than Madison what was i thinking? She wraps her legs around my waist and i walk over to the couch. I say down and she is on top of me and we turn it into a LONG make out sesh. She breaks the kiss and she says that she forgives me and I'm so happy. Right know i have got so many butterflies in my stomach. I really love her so much i never want to let her go...

Sorry its really short but i couldn't think of anything else loool..

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