Wedding Album

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There was a young couple who
had just gotten married. The
wedding was wonderful and they
took many photos so that they
would remember the happy
occasion forever. For their
honeymoon, they traveled to
France and stayed in a dark old
mansion. The first night, the
young woman felt scared and
despite her husband's attempts to
reassure her, she could not sleep.

To clear her head, she decided to
go downstairs to the library and
read a little. She selected a book
at random from the dusty old
shelves, and opened it. Inside,
there were only pictures. Pictures
of her.

The pictures were from her
wedding. The woman was
shocked at first, but then she
thought about it. Her husband
must have put together a wedding
album as a surprise for her. He
was probably planning to give it to
her the next day. She flipped
through the pictures in the album,
her mind going back to how
wonderful the wedding day had

When she reached the end of the
album, there were more pages
with pictures, but they were not
of the wedding. In fact, she
wondered what these strange
pictures were doing in the album.
It seemed as if they had been
stapled in.

The first page showed a picture of
a woman standing in a library,
holding a book in her hands. On
the second page, there was
another picture of the woman,
but this time, the library door was
open. Feeling a little uneasy, she
turned to look at the door. It was
closed. On the third page of the
book, the door was wide open and
a faceless man was standing
behind the woman. Again, she
glanced over her shoulder, but
the door was closed.

Flipping to the last page of the
book, she saw that, in the picture,
the faceless man was standing
right behind the woman, his arm
raised and clutching a knife.

The next morning, the husband
woke up and could not find his
wife. He decided to search the
house, but when he got to the
library, he found the door
wouldn't open. It was stuck.
Putting all of his weight behind it,
he pushed against the door with
his shoulder and eventually, it
burst open. Behind the door, he
found his wife lying in a pool of
blood. There was a knife sticking
out of her back.

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