Under The Bed

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A family went on vacation
together and checked into a suite
at a cheap old hotel. They booked
two double rooms, one for the
husband and wife and one for
their children, a boy and a girl.

When they got to their room they
both detected a bad odor. The
husband called down to the front
desk and asked to speak to the
manager. He explained that the
room smelled very bad and they
would like another suite. The
manager apologized and told the
man that they were all booked
because of a convention. But he
said he was going to send a maid
up to their room to clean and to
try and get rid of the odor.

After lunch, the family went back
to their rooms. When the kids
walked into their room, they
could both still smell the same
odor. Again their father called the
front desk and told the manager
that the room still smelled really
bad. The manager told the man
that there was nothing he could

So the kids had to spend the night
in the room. The girl and boy held
their noses, trying not to breathe
in the stink. Eventually, they got
to sleep and in the morning, their
parents were knocking at the
door to wake them up.

When they opened the door, their
father smelled the stink and
decided he had to get to the
bottom of what was causing this
horrible smell. So he started
searching the entire room for the
source of the bad odor. He sniffed
the towels, took down the
curtains, and checked the carpet.
The kids helped out too, checking
the bedclothes and the mattress.
As he pulled the top mattress off
the bed, the young boy saw there
was a big hole in the box spring
base underneath. He looked down
into the base of the bed and came
face to face with a horrible sight.

There, lying curled up inside the
base was the dead body of a
woman. The boy realized that he
had slept all night just a few
inches away from a rotting

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