Lost Phone

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One evening, a woman came
home late from work. She put her
handbag down on the kitchen
table and started rooting through

Then she realized she didn't have
her mobile phone with her. She
couldn't remember the last time
she had it.

"I must have lost it on the way
home," she thought to herself.

She went into the hallway, picked
up her home phone and dialled
the number of her mobile. The
phone rang for a long time and
then someone picked up, but they
didn't say anything.

"Hello?" said the woman.

There was no answer but she
could hear someone breathing on
the other end.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" she

There was still no answer but the
breathing got heavier.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" the
woman asked again.

Then, in a low voice, the person
on the other end said, "I hear

Then, they hung up. After that,
the woman kept calling her
mobile, but nobody picked up.
Eventually, she gave up in

It was late and she decided to go
to bed. When she went upstairs to
her bedroom, she was shocked to
see her mobile phone sitting on
the nightstand.

It was on "silent".

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