Twist Ending

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There was a very famous author
named David, who had written
quite a few best-selling horror
novels. All of the literary critics
praised his talent for plot twists
and surprise endings. He received
a large amount of fan mail every
day and some budding authors
even sent him manuscripts in the
hopes that he would help them
get their work published.

While David took pleasure in
responding to letters from his
fans, he took even more pleasure
in stealing the ideas of amateur
writers. If he came across a
manuscript with a great idea for a
scary story, he would use it in one
of his own books and deny the
author any credit. Then, in order
to hide his theft, he pulled some
strings with his friends in the
publishing industry to make sure
that the original author never got
anything published in the future.

One day, David received a new
manuscript in the mail. It was
bound in a beautiful hardcover
book. He read the first chapter
and felt that he knew how the
story would end. As he continued
reading, he became more and
more certain that he could guess
the twist ending. It was growing
late, but he wanted to finish
reading the manuscript to see
whether or not he was right.

When David came to the final
chapter, he realized that the last
few pages of the book were stuck
together. Anxious to read further,
he pulled the pages apart. He felt
increasingly tired but he still kept
reading. Finally, he came to the
end of the book. It was exactly the
twist ending he had anticipated.
The husband had hanged himself
just as his wife was committing
suicide in the next room. David
made a mental note to steal the
idea and use it in his next story.

Just then, he noticed that, after
the words "THE END", there was a
little hand-written comment from
the author. It read:

"I already know that you are
planning to steal the ideas in this
story. I know, because you did the
exact same thing to me the last
time I sent you a manuscript. You
published it under your own name
and didn't give me any credit. You
ripped me off and blacklisted me
in the industry. Nobody will
accept my novels anymore and I
will never again be able to publish
anything I write. You have ruined
my life and now I am going to
have my revenge. You had to pull
apart the back pages in order to
read this, didn't you? Well those
pages contained a poison. Arsenic,
to be precise. Are you feeling
tired? That is normal. It's one of
the symptoms of arsenic
poisoning. Soon, your heartbeat
will get slower and slower until it
eventually stops permanently.
Don't bother trying to call an
ambulance. You will be dead
before they arrive. You have
already beem exposed for too
long. Goodbye, David. Some twist
endings can be very hard to

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